March 20, 2013

Google Babble Could Be New Messaging Platform

If rumors are correct Google may finally be unifying its disconnected messaging services into one application. According to the company is working on a product called Google Babble (hopefully a code name) which would rival iMessage, Skype, or BlackBerry Messenger as a univeral messaging client.

This has been a major hole in Google’s ecosystem. Apple has tightly built iMessage into a complete solution where one can sync up messages across iOS devices and the Mac. Microsoft’s purchase of Skype has given it a robust messaging platform as well, so much so that it has moved Windows Live Messenger users over to Skype.

And then there’s Google. Users have the choice of Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, or Google Voice to communicate – all across platforms that don’t talk to each other. Also, you still can’t send a picture message through Google Voice (remember this complaint about the original iPhone?)

While there are plenty of third-party messaging options, none of them have the simplicity of a tool like iMessage. It does not require any account configuration – just start up your iPhone and start messaging. Better yet those who have a strong network of iPhone only users could consider dropping the overpriced SMS plans.

However, the fault of iMessage and BBM is they only work within their respective ecosystems. Google could build a cross-platform messaging app allowing iOS and Android users to communicate seamlessly. Ideally, users could connect their phone number to a Google account for minimal setup: much like iMessage.

It is of course still a rumor, but it would make sense for Google to be building this kind of tool. The one feature I miss the most when switching over to Android is iMessage. Being able to continue a conversation between an iPhone, iPad and Mac is incredibly convenient.

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