September 24, 2012

Google Camera Gets More Than It Bargained For

Welcome to Detroit Michigan-where young thugs are about as photogenic as Susan Boyle, and they’re ready to do some shooting of their own.

You ever wonder who gets paid to drive around the world taking pictures for Google? Ya know, when you click ‘street view’ on the maps and you can actually see where you’re headed?

Yeah those.

Wouldn’t it be a sweet job to be the guy who drives around all day just snapping away at the world around us-taking those pictures? Windows down, hair flowing in the breeze, hands at ten and two, singing “What the World Needs Now is Love” at the top of your lungs.

Yup, sounds pretty sweet. Until your photographic assignment includes a sketchy part of town in Detroit, Michigan, that is.

That’s exactly what happened to one of Google’s photographers last week.

It’s blanked out in these images, but if look here you’ll see how the photographer’s daily drive turned out not to be just another day at the office.

When the photographer pulled up onto the 18800 block of Brinker Avenue in Detroit’s North side of town, he was greeted by four young males and one young female enjoying an afternoon on the front porch.

Here’s the kicker. One of the young men was holding what appears to be a sawed off pump-action shotgun, and even was so daring to point it at the innocent cameraman.

Just doing his job, the cameraman kept on driving and snapping away, catching a few photos of the shotgun wielding kid and his recently famous home.  The photographer probably raced to the nearest retail store for a new pair of Fruit of the Looms, and called in the rest of the day.

You thought your job was rough? PFFT!

I can only imagine the “so how was your day honey” conversation when this guy got home! If he’s got kids, I’m sure he’s looking for another job, or he’s kissing some serious butt to get the routes on the good side of town.

Detroit, Michigan-Motor City, Motown, City of Champions, The D, Rock City, and the home of the historical Purple Gang of the 20’s-they’ve always been a little synonymous with violent crimes.

In fact, Detroit’s always been a little rough in certain parts of town, but with the recent economic collapse, it hasn’t gotten any better.  With 17,006 violent crimes, nearly 50,000 property crimes, and a national median of 29.4, it’s no wonder kids hang out on the front porch with shotguns.

The gun-toting kids on the front porch are probably guarding a pretty dark secret. The home in the photographs was a crime scene last June.  One-year-old Zyia Turner was found dead in the closet of this home just a few months back. According to reports the family has been cooperative, and no arrests have been made.

Either way, think twice before you go for an afternoon drive on Detroit’s North side, and be happy with the job you’ve got. It could be a lot worse. And remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Image Credit: Jason Stitt / Shutterstock

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