December 27, 2012

Google Developing An iPhone ‘Killer’

So umm…. Looks like Google is developing its own iPhone and iPad “killers.”

Sound familiar?

Oh yeah, that’s right, that’s that imaginary thing that all the other companies where talking about. As we all know, Google now owns what used to be Motorola and they are hard at work in the lab creating two contraptions codenamed the X phone and X tablet. Honestly, I am banking on them calling it the Gphone. I mean, come on, think of the marketing campaigns (G comes before I!).

Trust me, I couldn’t make this stuff up and another hilarious part is that this may actually be a hit. Actually, Google’s former product manager, Lior Ron, is saying that the device is the highest priority for the company. It is very much implied that Google is trying to get a slice of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy pie.

I imagine that this can flop like the other previous devices gunning for head of the Apple devices, but I do have one thing to consider with these devices: the brand recognition. Let’s be honest, Google and Apple habe been enemies for quite some time. We are talking about a Batman and Joker or even a Tupac and Biggie type of beef here. So with this logic in mind, the only question is why hasn’t Google been on this device sooner? Now they have not only the iPhone, but the Samsung Galaxy to contend with due to this time Google has spent in Limbo. So what can Google do to set their device apart?

Well, of course they can attach all the bells and whistles you would expect, then encase all the goodness in a shell full of eye candy goodness.

But what else?

What can put their handset at the top of the hearts of the consumer’s cold, hard dollar?

My guess would be to have timed exclusive updates that only the Google device would carry. For instance, maybe they would have the next Android version (rocky road, brownie sprinkles or whatever else they decide to name it) available exclusively to the Google handset for about half a year and then make the competition wait while the Google phone eats at the adult table.

One mistake I hope the company doesn’t make is having a rehashed version of what’s already on the market. What I mean by that is I hope they have their own style to them that can only be found on the device, which is in its fetus stage as of now. I don’t want to see a few months down the road an ad campaign of trashed iPhone commercial ideas that Google stole from the boardrooms of Apple.

I just want them to be unique, because that’s one of the mainstays of why people buy Apple devices. In a world where the competition tries to mimic each other, Apple strives to be different, and that’s where companies go wrong in competing with the iDevices. They may be able to mimic the technology, but they can never be able to bring character to the brand because that takes soul searching and figuring out who you are as a brand.

Looks like we won’t be able to get any info on this device for the time being, but many analyzers are predicting that we should have a storm of info at Google’s I/O Conference, which goes down May 13th of next year.

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