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January 22, 2013

Google Handwrite Gets More Accurate

Google Handwrite is an experimental method for searching from a smartphone by drawing letters instead of typing. According to Google it is now more accurate in multiple languages.

Many users had issues getting a lowercase “L,” the number one or a capital “I” to transmit properly. While I had the same problem with my Sony CLIE, I expect a better performance from an iPhone or Android.

The best implementation of this feature is that the letters can overlap. For example, one can write each letter from  “o” “l” “i” “v” “e” “s” right on top of each other, which can be particularly useful if you are doing so on the smaller iPhone screen.

If you like the gesture-based method, this can be taken further on Android phones and tablets. Consider the Gesture Search app from Google Play. It goes beyond searching with Google by allowing you to assign gestures to certain commands.

Google has made other efforts to make communicating easier on Android. The keyboard in Android 4.2 contains gesture mode, which is the company’s imitation of Swype. For standard typing the stock keyboard is a substantial improvement over previous versions. However, I still find SwiftKey to be the best method for communicating, typing in the search bar or other writing needs.

However, Google’s use of Handwrite is another example of how the company is willing to constantly tweak a beta product until it becomes useful. This method won’t be for everyone, hence why many are drawn to the more polished world of iOS.

Yet for others the constant tinkering and new iterations make mobile technology such an exciting place to be experimenting.

Image Credit: Google Inside Search blog

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