Google Loves April Fools’ Day
April 4, 2014

Google Loves April Fools’ Day

Google’s yearly April Fools’ Day stunts are now a bit of a tradition, but somehow I forget about April Fools’ every year, whether from Google or known culprits among friends, and end up saying Oh my God! This is incred… oh, it’s April 1st. Every single time. Okay, some of the time; nobody could believe some of these Google ones!

One of 2014’s offerings from Google came from Google Japan in the form of their ‘Magic Hand.’ We may now be able to socialize, see the world and fall in love without getting up from our chair, but we still have the annoyance and potential hazards of having to move our hand muscles to control devices. Not any longer, now that the Magic Hand can do it for us. It can be attached to keyboards or rest on desktops, reducing the chance of finger injury, as the ad points out. You would still have to control the joystick to operate the hand (if it were real), but it might be good for those people who think about how many billions of bacteria are on a touchscreen.

Another Google Fool’s had a Japan theme, with the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge. Along with Google’s own team of Pokémon hunters, we can chase Poké around the globe on Google Maps, and if we prove to be highly skilled we can even join Google’s elite force. The ad gives us a large hint at the end that the job is not real (in case we hadn’t figured it out already), but does refer us to Google’s list of real jobs, in case we want to be brought back down to earth by going from looking at Pokémon Master to looking at Administrator, Storage $15,000 per year (okay maybe the salary is not quite as low as that. See, Google – you’re not the only ones who can make stuff up).

Google Fiber will now be connected to a coffee ‘backbone’ in order to bring coffee into our homes through fiber optics at super speeds. Google realized that it’s fine bringing people superfast internet, but if they have to wait for their morning coffee to brew to drink while reading the news on their device, then it really is a waste of time. By mainlining coffee directly into our homes with a pipe and tap connected to Google Fiber on our wall, the morning experience can be complete, with Google’s Coffee to the Home.

One prank that I did hear some people talking about as if believed was the ‘Shelfie’ (the shareable selfie) which could, Google said, be uploaded to your Custom Themes on your Gmail image so the world can “enjoy looking at you as much as you do.” I heard the odd “this selfie business is getting out of hand” comment, before the idea drifted into April Fool’s history, along with this account of 2013’s efforts from a fellow redOrbit blogger, if you would like a reminder.

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