October 29, 2012

Google Tools And Apps For Hurricane Sandy

Google has several tools through its own mapping service and apps for Android to assist those in the path of Hurricane Sandy. The following can help those impacted by the storm to stay informed regarding weather conditions and safety information.

Hurricane Sandy Google Map: This is a Google map specifically created for tracking Sandy. Specific warnings and resources are pinned on the map, including high-tide warnings, wind warnings, and shelters. Multiple layers for gauging the impending disaster are available, such as one that maps out the projected flood surge.

New York City Map: Another Google map with hurricane information specifically for New York. Along with the safety information there also are webcam locations pinpointed, giving everyone a realtime view of the storm.

American Red Cross Hurricane: This Android app has both real-time hurricane information as well as resources for those living in or near the hurricane’s projected path. Much of the safety and other essential information can be downloaded to your device, making them available if mobile networks go offline during the storm.

Storm Shield: At $4.99 it is more expensive than other weather options, but it has some good features for warning you of impending inclement weather. Users can personalize alerts for their specific location and survey weather information from a variety of maps.

The Weather Channel: Always a good weather tool, but especially useful in a situation such as a hurricane. It includes several methods for keeping track of the storm as well as links to live coverage from The Weather Channel TV network.

TuneIn Radio: Listen to radio information without pulling out a physical radio (because no one has these anymore). Once the storm is over, it can be useful for streaming thousands of different radio stations.

Image Credit: Google Maps


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