Google’s New Pixel Laptop
February 26, 2013

Google’s New Pixel Laptop

Indeed yes, Google is going more Applecore (Apple+Hardcore =Applecore) with their brand new Pixel Laptop that is expected to hit the market next week.

What makes it so Applecore, you might be asking? We’ll begin our observation with its steep $1,299 price tag, an identifiable price range that makes it awfully similar to Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup. What is the reason behind pricing a laptop so high when Apple has already garnered a reputation as the “Premium Price” company?

We could begin to answer that question with an observation at the Pixel’s technical aspects, aptly its touch panel screen. High resolution is already an argument that Google is making specifically towards Apple, calling it a viable candidate to the MacBook since it combines more features into virtually the same priced machine.

Taken from redOrbit’s own Michael Harper, we can understand why the price point isn’t the only thing serious about Pixel. The machine will boot a Chrome operating system and is 100 percent inside the cloud. Buying a Pixel isn’t to be taken seriously since Pixel’s media management has to be completely exclusive to the machine itself. As Harper puts it, “Unless you can do it on the web, or the Google Play store has an app built for it, that thing, whatever it is, won’t be done”.

Again, this is highly comparable to Apple’s coding of their Mac computer, a machine technologically different in coding from the traditional PC. What seems like a move for greed and stupidity by Google might be the smartest thing any computer manufacturer since Apple decided to code their computers so differently decades ago.

The strategy is exclusivity. If done right, the creator can make the consumer believe that the product that they’re buying is truly a premium priced machine. Google’s Pixel acts the same as Amazon’s Kindle with its media management, which only allows you to download music or any other form of media through its online store. That will ensure that when someone buys virtually anything related to the Kindle, they’re signing over to a new ecosystem. Either you stick to one machine’s service or you risk spreading your resources across five different platforms.

With today’s modern tech enthusiasts, simpler really is simply better.

Which of course brings me to Pixel’s capability as a purely cloud based laptop, with over a terabyte of free cloud storage available for every copy of the Pixel laptop that is bought by a user.

But let’s go back to the infrastructure of the Pixel laptop as a competitor towards the Apple MacBook. As mentioned earlier, Apple has garnered a reputation in previous decades with overpriced hardware. While there are a many number of attributes of Mac computers that account for this steep price point, the point remains that the pricing seems sinister to consumers. Google plans to highlight the Pixel as a viable clone and, in practice, a better alternative for a $1,500 priced laptop.

Can the Pixel compete with the MacBook Pro? Time will tell when the laptop hits stores next week.

Image Credit: Google

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