Grand Theft Auto V: Update 2 (12-16-12)
December 16, 2012

Grand Theft Auto V: Update 2 (12-16-12)

Last week I gave a general rundown on the next great thrill ride from Rockstar Games due for release in late spring 2013 (still no official release date). This week I will be sharing what I have been able to find out about the map, some of the information on weapons and how the new wanted system is planned to work.

While much of the news is still speculation, there has been a treasure trove of rumors and possible leaks coming from game developers working on the GTAV project. One of the biggest tidbits of information that has surfaced is the size of the map in GTAV.

While head GTAV developer Dan Houser told Game Informer that the map in the latest action game was going to be huge (bigger than the maps in GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, and GTA: San Andreas combined), the scope of this just seems unbelievable.

GTAV’s map is based on Rockstar’s hugely successful GTA: Sand Andreas and its big map, although with even bigger changes. While the new San Andreas map will be much bigger, the developers decided to make one immense city (Los Santos) rather than three smaller cities (such as GTA:SA’s Los Santos, San Fiero, and Las Venturas). The move to one large city seemed appropriate. And, according to Houser, Los Santos is expected to take up nearly half the map.

Other features of the new San Andreas will include a much larger Mt. Chiliad. While the height of the mountain and its exact location on the map are still a mystery, it is expected to be a massive mountain, much higher than the one in GTA:SA.

Much like in GTA:SA, the new map in GTAV will feature a huge desert with a military base. There will also exist a huge forest, numerous small towns and villages, a full golf course, and more.

Another key upgrade in the new action game will be the weapons. While the developer remains guarded on releasing the types of weapons that will be featured in the latest game, there is speculation that Rockstar will be adding more of the same that was featured in earlier GTA releases. As we all know, the weapons list in GTA IV was not that impressive. Yes there were some killer upgrades in the expansion pack Ballad of Gay Tony, but the amount of weaponry available was rather limited.

In the new GTAV, there will be more weapons options, according to the rumor mill. While rumors don’t necessarily mean reality, past rumors leaked on GTA games have been quite accurate as many come from inside leaks.

From what I have read, some of the new weapons will include the basics: pistols, uzis, sniper rifles, RPGs, bazooka/rocket launcher, remote mines, etc… Some new weapons are expected to be: chainsaw, axe, katana, dynamite, trip mines, flamethrower, and the other various objects found in the game world (i.e. bricks, wood, trashcans, etc…)

One of the cool features that is expected to return in GTAV, not featured since GTA:SA, is dual wielding. Also, weapons will be fully customizable—something new for GTA. Another cool upgrade will be new ways to protect your character from damage. Along with armor, you will also be able to use other characters as human shields. All seems pretty sick in the weapons dept. in GTAV.

Now for the wanted system: Rockstar is purportedly making big changes in how police respond to the protagonist’s crimes. Here is a rundown of how each star will affect the protagonist, the cops and others in the game.

1 STAR: Cops only chase on foot and do not draw weapons. No sirens are used, no cop cars involved (unless suspect is in vehicle when crime is committed). If the protagonist draws his gun, a second star is added.

2 STARS: Cops will draw weapons but will not fire unless the protagonist draws his weapon. At this point, cops only use stun guns. Still no cop car chases unless protagonist enters a vehicle. If protagonist fires weapon during a two-star wanted level within sight of an officer, a third star is added.

3 STARS: Cops will begin using cars to chase down suspect. Cops will shoot only if necessary. If the suspect fires at an officer, another star is added.

4 STARS: Cops will use more ways to stop the suspect, including road blocks, tire spike strips and helicopters. If the suspect evades cops during a 4-star wanted level, the suspect remains in police database for 24 in-game hours. If a crime is committed within that time frame, a wanted level is reinstated.

5 STARS: Cops will use any means necessary to stop the suspect and will shoot to kill. Also, the FIB become involved. If protagonist evades on a 5-star wanted level, he will remain in police database for 48 in-game hours and will regain a wanted level if a crime is committed. Also, some missions will not be available for a small amount of time following a 5-star wanted chase.

6 STARS: Military gets involved and all hell breaks loose. If suspect evades police, he will remain in police database for 72 in-game hours. Any crime will immediately reinstate a wanted level (possibly a 4-star wanted level). Some missions will not be available for some time following a 6-star wanted chase.

Some new features being added to the police aspect of the game are the use of grenades, flash bangs, tear gas, riot gear and alerting news to radio stations of the crime and the criminal. Also, cops will now pursue you if you speed pass them.

Well that’s it for this week. Join me next week for another dose of GTAV medicine.

Image Caption: Hikers with Mt. Chiliad in the distance. Credit: Rockstar Games

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