Grand Theft Auto V Update 3 (01/13/13)
January 13, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Update 3 (01/13/13)

Well It has been nearly a month since my second update. I had planned on doing a third update before the holidays but got sidetracked. But, perhaps for the best since there has been little else available for information on the upcoming release of Rockstar’s precious thrill ride.

The last time around I gave a pretty good rundown on what to expect when it comes to wanted levels in the game with a small dose of what weapons could be expected for our protagonists to get their hands on.

This time around I will be giving a rundown on what vehicles are rumored to be included in the latest installment of the GTA series.

GTA V is rumored to contain more different types of vehicles (100+) than has been seen in any previous GTA game. Most cars will make a return from previous installments and there will also be a host of new fresh looking rides not seen before.

Some of the returning 4-wheeled favorites (albeit with big makeovers) include Cognoscenti, Patriot, Infernus, Patriot, Rancher, Cavalcade, and Burrito. A few cars have not been mentioned in the rumor mill that have been seen in the past, but it is safe to say that some of these cars may have also had name makeovers as well.

Here is a nearly complete list of all the rumored vehicles said to be making a comeback, or fresh appearance, in GTA V

The Main Vehicles:

Benson – Biff – Bobcat – Bobsleigh – Boxville – Buccaneer – Burrito – Carga – Casco – Cadge – Cavalcade – Chavos – Cognoscenti – CS2000 – Dukes – Feroci – Flatty – Forklift – Futo – Furzen – FXT – Gant – Hauler – Infernus – Minivan –  Mule – Patriot – Phantom – Prairie – Police – Railmu – Rancher – Taxi – Trash – Schafter – Seinove – Skimobile – Snowplough – Vanpony – Willard – Cablecar – Subway – Monorail – Train – Lighty – Dune – Rhino – APC – Caviero – Chairlift – Winky.

The Bikes:

Z75 – JZ125 – Enduro – Faggio 2 – Spike.

This is a relatively small list for bikes and may not include all that will be available. GTA V is also bringing back the bicycle from GTA: San Andreas.

The Boats:

Squalo – Marquis – Reefer – Tropic – Dinghy – Tug – Contbo – Bassboy – Bayer – Chika – Fisher – Gunboat – Skivvy – Sporto – Tinny – Whaler – Woody – Smug – Edsboat – Fishboat – Botsab.

Rockstar may include many more boat types in GTA V than in past games because they are making water missions a big part of the new game. And along with water missions, our protagonists will be able to swim and dive to the depths of the seas investigating the watery underworlds, much like in GTA: San Andreas, although with much more clarity and more underwater adventuring available.

The Sky Rides:

Annihilator – Maverick – Androm – Fighter – Autogyro – Hind – Napalm – Scamp – Bentham – Heli – Rebel – Luxury.

This may only be a short list of what flight vehicles may be usable in GTA V. There are rumors that our protagonists will once again be able to take to the skies in their own personal jets and commercial airliners, something that was amiss in GTA 4.

Other Rides:

As you can see in the lists the APC assault vehicle and Rhino tank are making a return, as well a full military range of vehicles. As well as these returning faves, Rockstar is likely bringing back the use of trains, Semis with trailers (one of my favorite modes of transportation); interestingly the tractor-trailer in San Andreas was very difficult to maneuver and didn’t seem as realistic as it could have been. I am sure Rockstar will have worked out those bugs this time around.

Rockstar is going all out and bringing back nearly every type of ride imaginable this time around. Not only will you be able to pedal your way through the mean streets of Los Santos, but will be able to grab dirt bikes, ATVs, perhaps a snowmobile in the snowy mountains, jetskis and more.

One sweet ride that has not been mentioned in the rumor mill that I hope will make a comeback is the BF Injection (possibly will be included with a name makeover).

One other mention: Though it may not be a trusty and reliable rumor, I have heard that there could be an alien spacecraft holed up on the military base that, with the right level of ingenuity and skill, one could break in and steal it for a thrill ride of extra-terrestrial proportions—but don’t count your chickens!

Well that’s it for this go around. Join me next time when I share my thoughts on the protagonists in the game: Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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