December 21, 2012

Greenovations: Earth’s Flame Fire Grate

Courtesy of Rob Stanfield, The Green Register Contributor

Regardless of whether I’m watching a sporting event, my favorite show, or reading my favorite book, chances are good that this time of year I’ll be doing it in front of a roaring fire.

For the past couple of winters, my wife and I have been burning the Enviro-Logs in our fireplace because of their environmentally friendly benefits. However, there is nothing quite like a real wood-burning fire.

So we are essentially left with the dilemma of how can we enjoy a wood-burning fire and yet make it more environmentally friendly?

Earth’s Flame has sought to resolve this very dilemma with their innovative hybrid fire grate, which is a stainless steel fireplace insert that incorporates a gas-fire log lighter with a wood-burning fireplace.

Earth’s Flame Fire Grate utilizes a minimal amount of gas to ignite and occasionally maintain the fire to ensure the fire burns at an evenly high temperature, which results in increased efficiency and reduced emissions.

The company also incorporated a refractory panel into their fire grate, which promotes better combustion of gasses and particulate matter and reduces heat loss to the chimney by interrupting the path of the flame.

According to GreenSpec “the company claims test averages of 72% reduced emissions compared to the EPA average for fireplaces, as well as reduced levels of carbon monoxide introduced into the home.”

Made in Colorado, the Earth’s Flame Fire Grate can help in making the common practice of wood-burning fires cleaner and more efficient for you and your family this winter.

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Image Credit: Earth’s Flame

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