Greenovations: GM
July 13, 2013

Greenovations: GM

Courtesy of Pat Byington, The Green Register Editor

As one of the largest auto-making companies in world, GM has made some significant strides in the area of sustainability over the past few years. According to GM’s latest 2012 Sustainability Report, here are a number of their accomplishments over the past year:

* Reduced carbon intensity by 5.3 percent since 2010, making progress toward its 20 percent reduction commitment by 2020.

* Reduced 173,000 metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions throughout its operations – equal to the carbon sequestered by more than 4.4 million newly planted trees in the first decade of growth.

* Used more than 60 megawatts of solar, landfill gas and biomass energy at its facilities by 2012, about halfway to its 125 megawatt renewable energy goal.

* Reduced the amount of energy required to build one vehicle by 7 percent and avoided $66 million in energy costs through conservation initiatives since 2010.

* The landfill-free program grew around the world with an industry-leading 105 facilities that recycle, reuse or convert to energy all waste from daily operations. By recycling and reusing 90 percent of its manufacturing waste worldwide, the company generates about $1 billion in revenue annually.

* GM has reduced total waste 25 kilograms, or 55 pounds, per vehicle since 2010.

This is just a sampling of the many Greenovations GM accomplished in 2012. Check out the company’s entire sustainability report and 2020 goals at

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