October 5, 2012

Greenovations: Light Bulb Finder Mobile App

Courtesy of Pat Byington, The Green Register Editor

If you are like me, your interest in the Greenovations we post each day stems from an interest in smart, sustainable technology that works to save both money and precious natural resources rather than having a professional interest such as a plant or building manager might have.

And while we focus our Greenovations in large part on commercial applications, we attempt to keep our eyes and ears open for means by which to apply such smart, sustainable technology to our daily lives and residences where we are more directly affected and benefited.

Today’s Greenovation is actually not a product at all; rather it is a free mobile app that can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device.

Developed by Eco Hatchery, Light Bulb Finder aides consumers in selecting light bulbs based on a wide variety of criteria while calculating ROI, energy savings, cost savings, and environmental impact such as greenhouse gas reductions.

The app assesses such criteria as wattage, shape, personal budget, type of fixture, the lumen output (measure of brightness), color temperature (warm vs. cool), cost of bulbs, and electricity costs over time when making recommendations to users.

Considering that lighting accounts for over 14% of the average home’s electricity bill, Eco Hatchery’s app can help save the typical household over $110 in annual energy savings by switching to energy-saving bulbs.

Based on aggregated user opt-in data from 2011, Light Bulb Finder users saved the CO2 equivalent of 661 cars or 5,859,573 kWh per year, and $731,243 in energy costs per annum.

The app has been named “Best Overall App” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its Apps for the Environment Challenge.

Maybe the next time you get ready to buy new light bulbs, you should see what Light Bulb Finder recommends.

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Image Credit: 3Dstock / Shutterstock

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