October 2, 2012

Greenovations: Meld USA – ecoX Glass Countertops

Courtesy of Rob Stanfield, The Green Register Contributor

Recently, a friend asked me for some strategies and products that he might use to better incorporate sustainability into his new home, and I thought I would use this opportunity to focus on some Greenovations that are equally at place in the home as in the office building.

In any product we assess, we always like to see post-consumer or pre-consumer recycled content incorporated into the manufacturing of the product, and Meld USA’s ecoX countertops are composed of 74% post-consumer or pre-consumer recycled glass.

Specifically, the countertops utilize clear pre-consumer recycled glass content from industrial scrap or rejected container material and post-consumer recycled glass content from local sources.

EcoX countertops are manufactured in Raleigh, North Carolina and are offered in standard slabs of 30” x 96” and 1-1/2” thick as well as custom sizes.

The recycled glass content is combined with a portland cement binder using a low-water formula that utilizes various pozzolans and low-alkali cement and avoids the need for epoxy to maintain strength.

Available in 25 colors, maybe you should consider Meld USA’s ecoX glass countertops the next time you need to replace the countertops in your home or office.

To learn more about today’s Greenovation, visit MeldUSA.com.

Image Credit: Meld USA

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