October 21, 2012

Greenovations: PlasTEAK – Plastic Lumber

Courtesy of Bry Ratliff, The Green Register Contributor

This Greenovation is amazing in that they have gone very far to ensure that this product is environmentally friendly. Other than that it is simply a replacement for lumber in many instances, this lumber substitute is comprised of 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE in a paraffin base. These boards are designed to become more slip resistant when wet so it is a great solution for decks.

It comes in several colors and most shapes and sizes that traditional lumber would. They even have an option for extruded hollow lumber for even less material usage and additional applications.

This product also weighs roughly half as much as conventional lumber while still maintaining the same strength. It also has an extremely long lifespan so be prepared to have little to no maintenance where used.

To learn more about this Greenovation visit PlasTeak.com.

Image Credit: PlasTEAK

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