October 22, 2012

Greenovations: RW-Series Water Reclamation System

Courtesy of Rob Stanfield, The Green Register Contributor

If you have ever had the pleasure, and I use that term loosely, of spending time at a water treatment plant, you might, like me, take two very lasting impressions with you – its smell and the exorbitant cost of its operations.

Now, considering the latter of those two, it becomes difficult to rationalize using the same water, treated and delivered by such plants, to fill your water bottle and flush your toilet.

Further, it is difficult to justify the cost to treat the same water that you would give your children to drink as the water that you would use to water your lawn. For this very reason, products such as Water Control Corporation’s RW-Series Water Reclamation System should be taken into consideration when planning future development.

The RW-Series Water Reclamation System harvests and stores stormwater directly from the drainage system of a commercial building’s roof in order that the water be repurposed for non-potable applications like landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, and cooling tower/boiler make-up.

According to GreenSpec, “packaged systems may include [the necessary] equipment and controls to capture, store, disinfect (via ozone, UV, reverse osmosis, or chemical treatment), filter, repressurize, and deliver reclaimed stormwater to fixtures and equipment. Storage tanks can be polyethylene, fiberglass or lined galvanized steel up to 60,000 gallons in capacity.”

Such a product as the RW-Series Water Reclamation System almost seems too rational or too logical, doesn’t it?

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Image Credit: Water Control Corporation

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