October 9, 2012

Greenovations: Siltshield

Courtesy of Bry Ratliff, The Green Register Contributor

I have been on my fair share of job sites and seen first hand one of the biggest problems in site management – runoff.

Runoff is a big deal in the construction industry and is a big deal to the environment.

Companies can be fined thousands of dollars if their site is proven to be contributing to runoff into storm drains, rivers, and lakes.

Silt fences are typically one of the final barriers to runoff, but conventional designs have some issues. The problems are as follows: almost all silt fence products are made from cloth and wire that usually rot and break during use and removal leading to a lot of waste.

The other, bigger problem is that often even silt fences that have been installed properly will allow water to build up behind them during a heavy rain leading them to fail due to excess pressure right when they are needed most.

Siltshield is a product that aims to rectify these problems. It is similar to other silt fences in that it is primarily constructed of filter fabric, but it differs in several important ways.

Its semi rigid and durable design allows it to be reused on other sites after a job has been completed. The other innovation is small pinholes throughout the fence that help to more effectively mitigate excess water while still filtering out silt. This effectively reduces the chance the “floodgates” will open.

So if you are looking to start a new project where runoff might be an issue check out Siltshield at their web site.

Image Credit: Siltshield

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