December 8, 2012

Gross Teacher Gets Naked In Front Of Kids

It’s exactly what it sounds like. The examination of teacher/student appropriateness and cool/disgusting boundaries has commenced!

My teachers never cared much for connecting with me, or the other confused kids in class. In fact, they were much more comfortable with us being confused teenagers than actually enlightened – where it most likely would have benefited us. Perhaps confusion is the best way to win over respect from students? That statement is quite totalitarian in nature-exactly when  did it become the normal standard to keep your students confused?

My mind falls apart at the very thought of how difficult it must be for kids today-as opposed to the teenagers and young minds a decade ago. Back then reality television didn’t quite rule TV networks, and the nineties aftermath of All That and MTV somehow still seemed fresh. And of course there was the post END-OF-WORLD craze. Yes, humanity tried to plot the end of the world before with Y2K. But the times have changed, and with them the nature of teachers and first hand nature has radically changed.

Whether that change is positive or negative is left to your interpretation.

I’ll let you decide.

Confusion and laughter ensued when Martin Rouse stripped in front of his students back in ’09 at Sudbury Upper School. What was his motive? He claimed that he was trying to look cool. It’s a sticky situation.

No Pun Intended.

Surely, there’s a fine line between looking cool and just being caught up in childish nonsense. Rouse was somewhere clean across the border in the latter. I can’t speak for a man and his actions but clearly someone was overcompensating for an ulterior motive. Me? I personally just think he got caught in the, “You don’t have muscles” peer pressure scenario. You’ve all been there. Grade school was all about what evil remarks and accusations the next person could shoot out next. And regardless of how weak your personality is, school should be a respectable code of conduct-to be abiding by for both students and teachers.

Now that’s on quite another area of grossness, let’s kick it up a notch. Let me put it in a way that most of you can comprehend: The lady was hot. That’s it! Now obviously that doesn’t denote that its acceptable by any means to allow yourself to be ‘exposed’, much less being the one doing the exposing, in front of children. But let’s examine it.

How do we judge a bad apple? By its ripeness and the hue of red in its skin, right? At least I hope you guys are taking a formidable observation of the healthiness of your fruits.

Does that same judgment of ripeness apply to this woman? There’s of course the prospect of wanting to show off impressive curves and bountiful feminine features, even if showing those attributes to young boys is largely desperate and very inappropriate. But in my honest opinion, such an act of ignorance should be punishable by jail time at least-lets be frankly honest: Who wants their kids around these people?

Let me know in the comments section!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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