GTA Online To Shell Out $500,000 For In-Game Bugs
October 16, 2013

GTA Online To Shell Out $500,000 For In-Game Bugs

A very faint voice echoes in the back of my mind to keep pushing one more mission. I’ve already laid waste to dozens of online denizens who thought it’d be wise to make a run for my heist cut, a substantial sum of money that I’m not letting slip through my fingers. Unlike its single player counterpart, the online portion of GTA V is astonishingly strict about how players earn more money.

But bugs and character glitches weren’t what GTA fans had in mind when they stood in line at midnight to get their hands on a copy. Be that as it may, many of us have prevailed through glitch after glitch for the love of free roaming (and boosting) and a chance to buy that cheetah on the Internet. To compensate for the server crashes and general mishaps that players have run into online, Rockstar Games is now planning to offer $500,000 to anyone who’s played the game within the month of October.

Angry GTA fans have taken to IGN and Kotaku in absolute rage as they believe that half a million dollars is far too much money to be given to every player in GTA Online, in their opinion. Part of that argument I agree with, since the true immersion of the game settles in when you began feeling those Poor Boy Blues of poverty. We also have to consider that buying a $400,000 apartment would put player activity in the middle of downtown, an undesirable outcome for those of use trying to enjoy the sunset.

If sunsets aren’t your thing, then you might also like to consider that if every player had half a million dollars, most low level characters will feel the need to invest their chips in Ammu-Nation and car dealerships believing that they’ve become the undisputed King/Queen of Los Santos. Rather than saving up your money to invest in the BAWSAQ market, players are burning all of their hard earned cash on pointless aspects of the game so early on.

Put simply, arrogance will only drain your bank account.

When I first began Online, my character had the hardest time making money or even keeping enough ammo for his gun. But what was clear to me was that Los Santos was still there, unexplored and unguarded from no-go zones. We can still go virtually anywhere we want in the city, only this time making profit is dependent on how often the player engages in missions.

In a full 16-man server, I can find six teammates for a mission in less than fifteen seconds. Within ten minutes, I’m usually racking in anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on how skilled my team is. This feat of progression didn’t come from boosting (Well, just a little), but from hours of continuous missions and bounties. I made sure to always be the first driving for dropped supply crates, and the last man to walk away from a gunfight over imported cars.

I also made it a mission to let the game’s scenery be my reward for not buying everything there is to buy. You will almost certainly fail at this, but hopefully whatever you’ve spent your money on is enough for you to enjoy for your own personally customized character. Once I noticed that my account was overflowing with money, I immediately shot over to my in game smartphone and began buying property.

But there’s more to this in the next blog! Please, let me know if you have any concerns over Online in the comments section below.

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