GTA V Classified As R18+ In Australia
August 6, 2013

GTA V Classified As R18+ In Australia

As if we had anything to worry about Australia’s poor judgment of games geared towards allowing players to rob, kill, and pillage their way to money and fame, Australia has come down from their high horse of judgment to announce that Grand Theft Auto V, the upcoming free roam extravaganza published by Rockstar Games, is getting an R18+ rating. This news is absolutely shocking, considering that Koch Media and quite a few Saints Row fans are supremely pissed off at Australia’s decision to outlaw the upcoming release of Saints Row 4 due this August 20th.

Did I mention that Saints Row 4 has been denied certification twice now? That’s kind of the important bit here, because the boys and girls at Rockstar Games are no strangers to pissing off the media and being completely controversial. When Grand Theft Auto released for the PSOne, gamer’s were absolutely blown away by the amount of freedom that they were given.

These were the days before bullshit mini games and golf courses, before car theft and, finally, gang wars in Los Santos. The gaming industry was a completely different place to run wild with anticipation. Most of the guys my age at that time were preoccupied with Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, not even noticing that Rockstar had already been to war with 10 different courts over the mature themes depicted in Grand Theft Auto. Be that as it may, GTA soared on the VG Chartz list for years, even spawning various sequels and consistent console exclusive releases.

What I take from that is that, while GTA V probably has a lot worse themes for younger audiences than Saints Row 4, they also have a lot more subtle approach to how they do business. Remember the Hot Coffee mod released inside GTA San Andreas‘ registry files that actually turned out to be a sex mini-game to pass the time?

The black suits didn’t take to kindly to Rockstar at the time, and they still haven’t! But what’s apparent is that Rockstar have fought their legal battles already with the media, and now, they are somewhat free to do whatever the hell they want to do with Grand Theft Auto. This means that while Grand Theft Auto paved the way for free roams that allowed gamers to interact in whatever way they wanted to with AI and player buildings, the boys at Koch Media and Volition will have to fight an entirely new and different battle.

The issue here is the name, not the actual themes being depicted in Saints Row 4. Then again, Volition hasn’t exactly been subtle in how they depict the fun times in their game. In fact, the creators of the Saints Row franchise have spent the better part of the last three years defending the ever so outrageous Saints Row: The Third, a game prided solely on the fact that it allows you to swing a four foot dildo in any direction that you’d like.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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