GTA V Online’s Crew Positions Revealed!!!
September 4, 2013

GTA V Online’s Crew Positions Revealed!!!

With only a few more days on the calendar before the release of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games has released some new details in regard to the game’s online features, most notably the crew and hierarchy system in the game. Today’s interesting news pertains to the crew system, an area of GTA that we’re all still a bit in the dark on in terms of details. As Rockstar has put it, crews in GTA Online will have the ability to be forged completely from a clan leader.

Coming from that position, the clan leader has the ability to promote and demote certain members of the crew based on their seniority. Whether or not that seniority needs to be attained by an in-game record keeper or if it’s at the discretion of the leader, I’m not too sure. Unless that detail slipped completely by me, I’m assuming that you’ll be able to give ranks to whichever member you so choose; although I can’t say I’m too excited about the ramifications of entire worlds inhabited by clan leaders.

A part from the title, the clan leader possesses the balls and the brains of the crew. He has the ability to hand down member titles including Commissioner, Lieutenant and, finally, Muscle.

The commissioners are everything that you’d come to expect from the second most important men next to the leader. As it is now, the commissioners will be able to handle administrative positions in the game, including group decisions and demoting a single member for violation of a single code set by the group. I’d imagine that group rules are too far and wide to set the specifications inside the game, so I’ll also assume that you are allowed to demote whomever you choose to. They’ll also be able to kick and invite members to group events, which could constitute as player matches or simple bank heists.

The lieutenants are pretty much the exact same thing as the commissioners, only they have just the ability to demote and promote certain members. Their privileges are rooted solely in their ability to handle the political side of managing a faction, while the Muscle looks to be the real cannon fodder of the group.

The muscle (who are immortalized by their name) are essentially the foot soldiers of any crew that you create in GTA V. While the muscle have no real power in terms of administration and politics, they hold a lot of power and are more than likely to be the guys receiving orders the next time your clan leader’s mom has been back talked.

I’ll hold the excitement for you while you’re in the restroom vomiting in happiness. Let me know about what you think of GTA V Online’s crew features in the comments section below!!!

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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