GTA: Vice City Stories Now Available On PC!
June 27, 2013

GTA: Vice City Stories Now Available On PC!

You may call it a self-righteous act of bitter resentment for Rockstargames to have a tendency to stress the value of handheld and console platforms. PC gamers will call it another flagging symbol of the skill and magic that hackers can do with a lot of know-how and just a little bit of emotional inspiration from video games. To explain the efficiency in a mere three lines is too simple, and doesn’t quite illustrate enough why this is such a big deal. If you’re interested, click here for the step-by-step process.

Allow me to explain.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories released in 2005 exclusively for the PlayStation portable. Another year would pass before the Vice City Stories was released, again, exclusively to the PlayStation portable. Both releases of these games would be the stepping-stone for PlayStation exclusivity. Both series’ would be ported to various other Sony gaming platforms, including the PS3 and PlayStation GO. Consequently, this only confirmed what both PC gamers and Xbox fans had feared: Rockstargames had based their series on a platform exclusively; a thing we’d never imagined possible with them.

Thanks to a very enthusiastic mod team, the port of Vice City Stories has been released for the PC platform! When I’d first heard the possibility of a PC version of the game, I couldn’t imagine how you’d release the thing without Rockstargames’ consent. Luckily, the boys at have committed to committing to the single greatest display of modifying potential for a very long time.

To bypass the legal fees of getting the PlayStation game optimized for the PC platform, the costs of re-coding and testing went uncharged. From there, they’d rewritten the game’s interface to adopt the same atmospheric settings only achieved on the PC; changing of screen resolution, particle count, anti-aliasing, and of course texture detail quality. As of today, the beta release of the mod is as simple as clicking on this link.

But, before you click, please read the description on the links page as well as the Read Me file inside the download. This handy text document will tell you the requirements for installing the game on your computer (Be warned, you’ll need a legitimate CLEAN copy of GTA San Andreas installed on your PC). Clean means it must be both un-modified, and un-pirated. But the game is less than $5 on Steam, so quit being a cheap lazy ass!

Console exclusivity will mean nothing when PC players boot up VCS and hear that familiar 80s music ringing throughout their speaker systems.

On the subject of console exclusivity, I’d be a big fat liar if I didn’t say that I had doubt in Rockstar’s tendency to bring GTA V to PC. Sure, every major GTA release has seen multiplatform release, but that usually means that Rockstar would provide a much more dedicated answer than what they’ve been saying.

Remember the fuss PC gamers made about Red Dead Redemption not coming to the PC platform?

This event should have proven that Rockstargames is interested only in the individual consoles that intrigued them the most. The aftermath of which would have convinced gamers and business analysts that not a single gauge of monetary or emotional means could justify Rockstargames’ unnaturally mysterious motives. Instead, we’re all losing our minds over the eventuality that a PC version of GTA V will be released.

It’s coming people!

But to predict Rockstar’s motives will only leave you dazed and confused. Sure, they could make more money by porting to the Wii U and PC platform; would that spell anything but more money for the publishing super giant?

That question goes unanswered because we’ve never truly gotten a legitimate response. As long as I’ve heard reference material or quotes from Dan Houser or the Rockstar team, I’ve never heard anything short of the “We’re really into the games that we create, so much so that we’re willing to develop exclusively to a platform-Just to accent the console’s presence with the experience of one of our games” discussion. But beneath that busy-boned exterior is the want and need to stick it directly to Da’ Man.

Every GTA release has been viral and controversial, and each successive release makes their vision more apparent as they take on Gay Rights, Gay Marriage, Video Game violence, racism, narcism, and of course the traditional angry French guy.

Congrats to the PC players picking this beauty up for some nostalgia, and congrats down to the boys at for making such a committed goal for your fellow platform mates. PC FTW!!!

Image Credit: Rockstargames

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