GTV Character Trailers Arrive!!!
May 5, 2013

GTA V Character Trailers Arrive!!!

They’re finally here! Rockstar North has spent the last few months polishing up Grand Theft Auto V for its September 17th release. Much to our disappointment, they’ve remained so depressingly silent that we’ve often questioned why we’re waiting on anything. After all, this industry is enormous! There are handfuls of other metropolitan free roam games on the market for all platforms, so why are we so hung up on a release of another Grand Theft Auto series?

Quite frankly, we trust these guys.

It’s no easy thing pushing a critically acclaimed game series that stretches across different console generations. This task is so complicated that the original GTA clones that competed with Rockstar in their hay days have passed on and faded into a distant memory. Grand Theft Auto take its merit as one of the most trusted game series among free roam lovers this generation, and now we have a little bit more dirt on the three characters of Grand Theft Auto V.

Most don’t know that Grand Theft Auto V is using three main characters to tell the story of the game. In fact, Rockstar has made it a mission to remind fans and newcomers that they’re attempting a story narrative that has never been accomplished, much less attempted in this industry. I’ve watched each trailer at least ten times, and put together an analysis of each character’s story.


Michael is the most normal of the three characters, and as such, will be the most approachable character by most people. The reason for this is his simplistic and very relatable life; Michael is living proof of what happens to those 80’s bank heist robbers when they managed to stay alive at the end of the day. Michael has a wife, and whiny and annoying daughter, and a hilariously relatable son.

Michael’s trailer revolves around his conversation with his shrink, whom asks him what he wants in life. Of course, Michael contends that he doesn’t want this; a married life, fighting every night with his daughter over who gets the TV remote and, of course, dealing with understanding his son as an adult. However, Michael loves the perks of the second part of his life; bank heists, money laundering, high octane gun fights, and walking off into the sunset with a wad of cash in hand.

Michael is middle aged, rich, successful, and depressed. As he puts it, “I’m average for this town”.

Michael seems to be the player’s ability to delve into the simpler, more developed parts of GTA’s game-play. It is here that players will more than likely experiment with physical activities such as working out or yoga, as well as the scenery and luxury of nicer neighborhoods in Los Santos. Michael is a solid character above all, and I can’t wait to see what he’s got for us.

Michael’s story is sufficiently solid to offer enough narrative to complete the game on his own, but how boring would that be? This is the reason for Michael’s team.


Picture every memory of happiness that you had when playing San Andreas as CJ in Los Santos, and you’ll believe Franklin’s trailer was an HD flashback.

Franklin is a young man pulled into the gang life of inner city poverty, also struggling with getting paid. His story is about as solid as a wall of wet bricks as we see his rise from a wife beater wearing gang banger to a suave, solid boss. He has a dog as a companion, and goes almost everywhere with him. We’ve already known that his dog was a part of the element of the game, but it’s still nice to see his profile completed by his dog. The fact that he has one only complements his status as a gang member, on top of the tattoos and shotguns of course…

Franklin’s dialogue with his peers signifies a conflict of interests between him and his gang, foreshadowing that gang life won’t be the last thing Franklin sees before we finish the game. If you look closely at his trailer, you’ll notice that every one of his gang members are wearing green and the enemies he’s fighting are dressed in white and purple garments.

That can only mean that the original gangs of San Andreas are returning!

The content in Franklin’s character trailer points to a real in depth experience of gang life. Fans of San Andreas will no doubt find their childhood memories relived in an entirely different designed world. But Franklin’s addition isn’t the last of the group. Unfortunately, a trio isn’t complete without one idiot to make the other two look good. That’s why we have Trevor.


Trevor is an idiot. A middle aged, low life, gun tooting loud mouth with a tendency to commit violent acts (beating unsuspecting men in the head with a bat, choking old men in broad day light)  and, of course, get paid.

Trevor is an ex-pilot in the United States Air force and has some serious sociopathic issues. Trevor may be absolutely distasteful among normal civilized people, but he’s got an amazing resilience to action and fear. We see him hi-jacking helicopters, jumping off the wings of speeding jets, and, of course, delivering the smack down to a handful of people.

Trevor’s story is about as solid as a wall of Jell-O. All we know of him is that he’s a drug dealer in the desert parts of San Andreas and, hence, must work his way to the top to get rich. Go figure.

The Verdict

We’re in good hands. It may have taken Rockstar months to deliver on some news or game-play, but these trailers tell us why. They show in depth details to the game, including the return of jets (YAAAAAYYY) and giant commercial airliners.

We’ll be waiting on GTA V this September 17th with a lot of gummy bears and orange juice for an all-night play-fest of game-play!

Image Credit: Rockstar North

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