Haf XB Lan Box
February 16, 2013

Haf XB Lan Box

Like many other PC gamers approaching college, I recently moved into the dorms and hoped to bring my PC along for entertainment. While it would’ve been perfect to bring my Nvidia HAF X, after my roommate and I rearranged the room (not a good idea at 1:30 A.M.), we found the desk simply wasn’t tall enough to support it. Just to add insult to injury, I live on the second floor and I’m too lazy to get buff and haul it up and down. So, with great sadness, I’ve been forced to retire what I think was the best case ever designed, and look for an alternative.

Aside from building your own case with spare steel or acrylic there really aren’t many good options to build a case for a college dorm. Danger Den had a nice cubic case that can house an ATX board and up to 2 Corsair H100s, or the rough equivalent of about 2 full system pumps. But trying to find that case is like trying to find Jimmy Hoffa, or a snipe. Scratch that off the list and we’re one step closer to a trip to Home Depot. Next was Antec’s version of the case, The Skeleton, which has great airflow and was acclaimed for its innovative features. Due to the fact it’s an open air case, I don’t trust myself enough so I decided to not go with that one. Start the car we’re goi- wait what’s this? A new case? From Cooler Master? Well, I guess we can wait a few minutes…

Praise the mighty Morgan Freeman, this case is great. Sitting at 17.4” wide, 13” tall and 16.7” deep this cubic design case takes everything that made the HAF X great and spread it out. To start off, it has great fan support with room for a 200mm fan on the mesh cover and a 120mm fan, as well as 2 80mm fans on the back. With room for a radiator up to 200mm in the front and ventilated sides, you can be sure you’ll never have to worry about overheating within this case. If that’s not enough, you should be tickled to know that the motherboard tray is removable. Yes, you heard that bit of sexiness right and you are not dreaming; you can remove the motherboard tray and install your motherboard without having to contort to the case. If none of this has made you weak in the knees (it only weighs 18.1lbs you weakling) this should, so strap yourself in and get ready. It. Has. Handles. That’s right, this sexy piece of metal comes with handles on the side for easy transport. Literally, if you take nothing away from this, please take that. Overall, this is my new case of choice, and by far the best designed case I have seen since the HAF X. Cooler Master you have outdone yourselves on this one and deserve every bit of credit you can be given.

10/10, 5 stars and a side of bacon. Goodnight everyone.

Image Credit: Cooler Master

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