Halle Berry To Be In X-Men: Days of Future Past
March 5, 2013

Halle Berry To Be In X-Men: Days of Future Past

Well, it seems like Barry Sonenfield isn’t the only director on the weird side of Hollywood that’s dealing with time travel; X-Men Days of Future Past is slated to depict the classic mutant superteam traversing the realms of time to change a major event in history that shall alter human and mutant kind alike. If that doesn’t excite you all that much, perhaps Halle Berry’s recurring performance as Storm will get your gears rollin’.

To be perfectly honest, Halle Berry doesn’t work very well as a superhero to me. As Storm, she fits the description for the only moderately-talented African-American actress in Hollywood that isn’t exclusive to a Tyler Perry flick. In essence, she’s probably the only relatable actress to gamers that can fit the part of Storm. As mentioned above, she doesn’t work very well as a super hero.

Seeing her as Catwoman was painful in ways that I couldn’t elaborate on years ago. Although with the help of a bit of nostalgia, I can describe the experience as daunting.

As Storm, Halle Berry brought to the table a unique view on a super hero in live action film when the  majority of actors couldn’t leave the dramatic antics at home.

I’m looking at you Hugh Jackman.

In the X-Men comics, Storm is a mutant born from her mother N’Dare, a Kenyan princess from a long linage of African Witch Priestesses with white hair and blue eyes. Storm is blessed with supernatural weather abilities, and is recruited by Professor X during her time as a renowned Goddess in Cairo, Egypt. Storm’s stature as a woman and a mutant is nothing short of calm and conformed; she rarely speaks in a tone above a normal speaking voice and hardly shows signs of aggression or anger.

This is because Storm’s power relies heavily on the control of her emotions; the lack of them is a promise of peace in the environment. Likewise, Halle Berry portrays a fantastic rendition of Storm in previous X-Men movies. Of course, most of us didn’t appreciate the final installment in the trilogy for its blatant disregard of traditional story elements (Juggernaut was originally Xavier’s brother, Magneto certainly did not kill Xavier, The Phoenix was not inside Jean Gray, but created a copy of her and upon her destruction, Jean was found inside a telekinetic cocoon, and Wolverine did not kill Jean).

In any case, Halle Berry will be making her appearance as Storm in the newest entry of the X-Men saga slated for release sometime next year in 2014. Before then, I’d love to hear your thoughts on her return after a hiatus of two X-Men films with her absence.

Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

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