Halloween Party Prep: Food, Music, And Fun
October 28, 2013

Halloween Party Prep: Food, Music, And Fun

As people are preparing for awesome Halloween parties for the upcoming weekend, I thought I would spend a couple of blogs giving ideas for Halloween food, music, and fun. A Halloween party needs more than just costumes—it needs Halloween spirit and pizazz. Hopefully, this will help inspire some of that. Any good prep starts with food, so let’s dive in:

Halloween Foods

Every good Halloween party will have fun and festive food that tastes fabulous. An obvious choice would be caramel apples. With all their glorious gooey-ness, they are messy but irresistible. Here is an easy recipe from the Food Network. True, caramel candy apples are not very good for our teeth, but once a year is a risk worth taking. After all, they are caramel and apples and sometimes toppings like nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and so much more. Yum. Yum.

I recently learned about the Inside Out Caramel Apples, which sounds delicious yet not as messy as the traditional caramel apples. Check out this recipe from Domestic Fits.

For a good finger food, why not make Hot Dog Mummies. Food Network explains that this easy food just takes a little phyllo dough, hot dogs halved, cheddar cheese, salt, garlic powder, black pepper, butter, and condiments. It is an easy finger food that will carry on the Halloween theme most definitely.

What about the cake? If you do not want to do a traditional Halloween cake, why not use the Food Network’s recipe for Graveyard Pull Apart Cupcakes? No cutting necessary. Just grab a cupcake and pull it away taking a gravestone, ghost, ghoul, or other ghastly but delicious decoration.

And what Halloween party does not have the roasted pumpkin seeds? They are easy and yummy.

Who could forget the drinks? For those who do not partake in the adult libations, the Food Network suggests a Blueberry Rickety Eyeball Punch. It may look like eyeballs, but your tongue will thank you for its freshness. Another good virgin option would be the Vampire Bite Mocktail made with a little cranberry and apple juice mixed with a bit of grenadine and seltzer water. Add a little dripping of red candy gel and gummy vamp teeth for a spooky effect.

For a drink with a little bit of a bite back, why not check out the Pumpkin Sangria. With a taste of wine, maple, and pumpkin, this must be one refreshing cocktail. Pumpkin is a flavor to enjoy this season in all its incarnations. If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds, try out the Vampire Kiss Martini. With vodka, champagne, and Chambord, this may be a kiss that puts you right to sleep.

Half of the fun of Halloween parties is seeing what foods and drinks the hosts and hostesses prepare and share. For a really nice thanks, maybe bring your own fun recipe to share with the party. The Food Network has Halloween recipes for sweet and savory foods and drinks of all varieties. Check it out for some inspiration for your own party adventure or to help friends prepare for their parties.

Stay tuned for suggestions about music and activities!

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