Hard Times For The Wii U
March 23, 2013

Hard Times For The Wii U

Many benefits await those who stray away from the ignorance of single console exclusivity, and that goes especially for the PlayStation crowd. Sure, it’s more than admirable for a gaming experience, but don’t you dare shut out the rest of the gaming industry on the assumption that God of War is the only game you’ll ever need.

Put simply, it isn’t.

On a lighter note, Nintendo’s Wii U isn’t enduring the weather too well as of late when its February earnings report was released to the public. Like many ignorant console fan boys, I idled away and scolded Nintendo for not adhering to fan requests for a more hardware-intensive machine. And how could you blame me? The Wii U has been packaged with a measly 1.2 GHz processor (not a Tri-Core, as rumored before its release), which raises an eyebrow as to how exactly Nintendo expects to compete against the PS4 and Xbox 720 at a transition in the industry when gamers have demanded improvement; now, more than ever.

With quite a bit of familiarity with coding, game developers can utilize the console’s hardware to push a higher bar of potential for the Wii U. Be that as it may, the machine’s ability to render in physical objects and HD textures won’t have much to boast about in a year’s time. Let’s ignore the technical talk and cut straight to the underlying point: why have third party developers abandoned development or support on the Wii U?

Perhaps developing any game on the Wii U is about as long a stretch in hourly work as is developing Halo 4 for the Nintendo 3DS? Bungie announced that they wouldn’t be developing their newest IP Destiny for Wii U, and Irrational Games hung up their coats to dry when they announced that Bioshock Infinite would not be coming to the console.

Volition announced Saints Row 4’s will be released this August and that the open-world, free-roam would not be available on Wii U. You can fill in the blank for the next ten developers I have on my list. The punch line here is that Nintendo’s Wii U is getting absolutely no love from the third party world. Not only that, but the console itself is failing to rack sufficient sales compared to its predecessor six years ago.

While the console is getting a nice addition of first party games this year (Pokémon: Rumble U, Watchdogs, Monster Hunter Ultimate, Zelda: Wind Walker), the lack of multiplatform titles is only going to ensure that Nintendo’s world will be wholly secluded.

With respect, I have much appreciation for Nintendo. How could anyone harbor such animosity? Nintendo is the architect of most of our earlier gaming lives.

Ubisoft has appeased (and sucked up to) most of the gaming industry with their teasing and hyping of Watchdogs, an open world free roam set in a not too distant future Chicago. The game’s mechanics remind me of a modern Grand Theft Auto with the best iPhone that money can buy. Ubisoft has marketed the game to next gen consoles as well as the Wii U, even claiming that the PC was the leading platform for the game’s release.

Let’s hope the developers give a bit of love to our friends at Nintendo for the Wii U‘s success.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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