Has The Existence Of Bigfoot Finally Been Proven?
October 9, 2013

Has The Existence Of Bigfoot Finally Been Proven?

Does the legendary Bigfoot really exist? This has been the question on the minds of researchers as well as many people around the country for generations. Expeditions are formed in search of this elusive creature. Many photos, videos, and physical evidence have also been presented, in hopes to prove one way or another that Bigfoot is real.

In 1967, a video shot by Roger Patterson in Bluff Creek Tributary of northeast California, has been the most wide spread evidence of the existence of the creature. However, the video has not been without skepticism. Other evidence has also been presented over the years, but most of that has been labeled as mis-identification or hoaxes.

Recently, a research team and the Sasquatch Genome Project (SGP) claim to have evidence that will finally prove Bigfoot is real. The team gathered blood and hair samples which they presented to research laboratories to be analyzed. Eleven of those are confirming the SGP claim.

They also have a video of a juvenile Bigfoot sleeping in the woods of Kentucky.

A genetics scientist, Dr. Melba Ketchum told CBS DFW, “we want people to understand that this is a serious study.” Dr. Ketchum, who is the founder and director of DNA Diagnostics, led the five-year study.

In a telephone interview with the New York Daily News, Dr. Ketchum stated that she received an email from one of the labs that said, “what have you done, discovered a new species?” Ketchum admitted that she was a skeptic, and did not believe in Bigfoot herself. But with the new evidence she added, “we have more data in our paper than ever done before to prove a new species but basic science doesn’t like the results.”

The team gathered hair, blood, saliva, and other samples from 34 locations around North America. With a donation from Adrian Erickson in the amount of $500,000, the team was able to analyze the samples gathered.

After the evidence was analyzed, all the samples revealed to be human, but within the genome sequences, parts of the DNA were shown to be from an unknown species. But with any new discovery there is also skepticism.

Claims that the evidence was contaminated by the collectors have arisen. Ketchum denies these claims, stating, “if you have a contamination, you’re going to have one profile overlapping over a second profile. We do not have that in any samples of the study.”  All of the samples we from credible sources and the team took precautions to prevent contamination.

If the samples reveal definite proof that Bigfoot is a real creature, Ketchum believes they should be left alone. “I’d like to see them have the same protections as any other human as far as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of their own happiness, meaning that they be left alone and not put under a microscope, not hunted, not harassed, not chased through the woods — leave them alone,” Ketchum told the Huffington Post in an interview. “They’ve existed for thousands of years this way and don’t need habitats set aside. They’ve lived under our noses all this time.”

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