February 12, 2013

Health Magazines For All Women And Men

With the prevalence and ease of the internet, sometimes we forget that other options exist for reading up and learning about women’s health. Health magazines are a first step to that. Many a health mag has a subscription available in two forms: a health magazine subscription in print or one online. A health mag often has a print version because that’s where they started. But for those who prefer e-readers, many of the health magazines that discuss a women’s health initiative have online subscriptions available as well.

redOrbit wants to help people find access to health magazines, so here’s a breakdown list (links included for your convenience) of some of the most popular health mag, specifically pertaining to women’s health.

  1. Prevention: Prevention Magazine is one of the women’s health magazines that has print subscriptions, online subscriptions, iPad apps, as well as free information. It is thorough and really focuses on women’s needs and interests. The magazine focuses on health and fitness articles for women as well as health and fitness tips. This is a very popular and pretty respected women’s health initiative magazine.
  2. Women’s Health Magazine: Just like Prevention, this more than obviously women’s health mag has multiple formats to view the information on. And much like Prevention, it has a surfeit of article options and foci. Although also popular and respected, not quite as much ethos is attached to this magazine in comparison to Prevention. Still, though, this is a great option.
  3. Fitness: The third major women’s health magazine is Fitness. One can read it in all the same formats as the previous three. Another great health mag option.
  4. Health: This health magazine definitely focuses on women’s issues, but it is also a more general choice for health magazines. It has articles that focus on both women’s and men’s health. Health is a nice magazine with info relevant to most everyone.
  5. Natural Awakenings: As another general health mag option, Natural Awakenings focuses on the latest natural approaches to health, fitness, and wellness. It’s really great.

Several health magazine options beyond these exist: Self, Whole Living, Vegetarian Times, and Shape, just to list a few. Do remember, our health is important, so we should also talk to professionals about health, not just take the advice of magazines. Yes, many of these magazines have nutritionists, trainers, and doctors on staff. Those magazines are the ones with the most reliable information. Still, we should also talk to our own personal health professionals.

Health magazines are great places to find information to help us understand what we need to do to be healthy. With just a quick click on any of these links, one can find websites for any one of these health magazines that will give information and advice on healthy living. They’re worth the click. I promise.

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