Hey! Console Exclusives Matter
July 2, 2013

Hey! Console Exclusives Matter

With Microsoft’s recent backtrack of policies for the Xbox One, both the One and the PS4 now look more identical than ever, and the only thing to properly differentiate them would be their game lineups. This is a seemingly easy pole, as Sony is the clear winner of the two in exclusive game count, clocking somewhere in at around 70+ for games already announced. Sadly, most of those selections aren’t launch titles but you Sony chumps won’t have to worry about that a year from now when all of the wonders of F2P titles and MMOs sweep in to your living room.

Likewise for Xbox One, because you guys will take a dip on the wild side with World of Tanks and Titanfall, but all of these great games leave the question of which console will you be getting. For many Sony fans, again, this is a no-brainer since Microsoft showed their true characters a week before by back tracking their policies. As Don Mattrick put it, “Fortunately we have a product for people that can’t get some form of connectivity: It’s called Xbox 360,” Mattrick said, “If you have zero access to the internet, that is your device.”

The unbelievable part about this is that Microsoft actually pulled back: seeing their stock numbers plummet really put how imperative it is to not impose on the gamer’s privacy into a serious retrospect. Be that as it may, Microsoft still had the most impressive game showing of E3 2013, only coming in second to Sony because of bad console policies and a $100 Kinect add-on accessory for the Xbox One. I mostly think of Microsoft as stubborn and dumbfounded for their reluctance and lack of concern for general customer support, within reason. They’ll listen when their wallets have been squeezed a pinch, but they’re not ready to read the thousands of hate letters sent by internet and postal service.

Thank you, Microsoft. You now know what it’s like to deal with the saddened ex-girlfriend.

But, since both consoles are physically identical to each other now, we have to observe in greater detail why we should be dropping $400 on Sony’s next gen wonder. Its way too obvious to list why the PS4 will be a lovely next gen gaming console: dozens of console exclusives, superior specs to the Xbox One, and Sony’s new Gaikai features. Still, I’m finding it really difficult to choose since Microsoft is basically giving you another slice of a similar gaming world, with green and black templates thrown on top.

Put simply, gamers must understand the culture of each platform of making a decision. Otherwise you’ll be stuck for another eight years of a console generation playing Minecraft when you know you could have just as easily been smashing undead faces in God of War.

More will be discussed in the next blog post, and until then I’d love to hear your thoughts on these observations in the comments below!

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