Hey Michael Radcliffe, Are You Smarter Than A Brazilian Kid?
July 27, 2013

Hey Daniel Radcliffe, Are You Smarter Than A Brazilian Kid?

America’s social media empire is still climbing years after the beginning of smartphones and tablets, but celebrities still have a serious issue with their spelling and grammar. It can be very embarrassing for anyone to explain to their manager why they couldn’t remember the difference between “they’re,” “there,” and their, and the staff and faculty at Red Balloon middle school couldn’t cringe any harder at the sight of it.

But the battle hasn’t been lost yet! In order to spike the interest level in their children, Red Balloon has made their pupils honorary grammar cops; the condition being that they must choose to correct their favorite celebrities on Twitter.

The idea isn’t actually bad at all.

Instead of sliding their fingers on their smartphones for the next instant status pop-up, the children searched Twitter looking for any possibility of a misspelled word or a sentence with bad syntax. What they found is that celebrities are much dumber than we thought. For example, Daniel Radcliffe took to Twitter to explain his absence from the app for such a prolonged time. His message read “Hello guys, it have been an age that I didn’t tweet, thanks or your amazing messages .DAN XX”, to which a child from Red Balloon replied on the organization’s Twitter account.

“Dear Harry Potter, I’m Gabriel, from Brazil. Your tweet has 2 mistakes: ‘It has been’ and ‘amazing’.” Apart from the obvious chuckle, I giggled for hours going through the different messages that these children replied to. The benefit of this is that, because of their age, no real argument can take place where older teenage forum members would usually meet a large population of trolls. For the students at Red Balloon, this is a really fun way to express your appreciation and joy for language.

The irony of course is that these children are Brazilian, posting to celebrities who primarily speak English.

Are celebrities really as dumb as we give them credit for? Today’s generation of language lovers doesn’t have a great reputation for adhering to the rules of Language Arts. It is, in fact, an art. But what we’ve said on the Internet and what we’re being taught aren’t necessarily the same things. Actually, they’re radically different.

New York rapper Joey Bada$$ (Yes, I’m typing it right) also has a fascination for saying the wrong words at the wrong times, even replacing his I’s with actual ‘Eyes’. I suppose the goal is to be cool, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a slave to the occasional meme every now and then. Today’s young people aren’t nearly as idiotic as we like to think, but are they really as witty as they think?

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Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

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