High Intensity Video Shows Invisible Motions
June 29, 2013

High Intensity Video Shows Invisible Motions

The world is filled with motions that are impossible to see with the human eye. These motions are considered invisible because they are so small that the human eye cannot detect them. For instance, the human eye is actually always moving. These rapid eye movements are so small that we can’t even detect this eye movement in our own vision. It is only during very specific conditions that we are able to detect this movement with the human eye. Another example is when babies are asleep. Sometimes it is very hard to tell if a baby is actually breathing because the movement of their body is so small that our eyes cannot detect it.

Programmers from MIT have created a way for us to view these micro-movements. These programmers have taken a regular video frame by frame and amplified the change in color from frame to frame. Amplifying the color of the next frame by 100 fold will make it much easier to see subtle changes within the environment. This program is so effective that it can even help detect a person’s heartbeat. It does this by detecting where the blood is within an area of the skin. The skin will be a darker shade of red when the heart is pulsing and will be a lighter shade as the blood begins to flow out of the area of the skin. As the video plays, you will be able to detect when the heart pulses and have a better idea of where and when the blood is flowing within that specific area of the body.

These invisible motions are easily seen with the new program. You can even apply this program with videos that are found on the web. You are able to really see if someone is breathing in a movie when they are supposed to be dead. This program will allow us to see things we would have never seen before and will open our minds to what is actually going on in the world around us. This also might become a less invasive form of diagnosis as doctors will be able to determine where the blood is flowing within a person’s body.

The coolest part of this whole program is that it is completely free for anyone to use or implement. MIT has been well known for giving people the opportunity to learn from the many different programs that they have available. They want to ensure that anyone and everyone can benefit from this new and exciting program. All their code can be found on their website and will be available for all people to use.

Hopefully, this new program will remain free as people will be able to add to it and make it better over time. The rights to programs have always been in debates, but as long as MIT programs do not claim it for their own, doctors and other researchers will be able to utilize this program to help their patients and customers at little to no cost.

Image Credit: fuyu liu / Shutterstock

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