High School In Norway Must Be Freakin' Sweet
May 26, 2013

High School In Norway Must Be Freakin’ Sweet

A scholastic education may be probably the most important thing that any one person on any one nation could have access to. The world knows this information and, yes, we all put public schools as a priority and use them to teach the youth of a new generation things like algebra, biology and physics. This is great and all, but this won’t work unless the spirits of the students who attend a certain institution look forward to going to the school with high hopes.

We all know how high school students are, heck the majority of us were, or still are, high school students, so who better to know the attitude than us? Young, restless and favoring the lure of an active social life instead of focusing on learning when they are actually at school and doing the whole social life thing after school hours.

I’ve been guilty of this and so have you, but high school is the prime place that teaches the foundations of balancing your educational life with your social life.

The question here is, how to lure students to embrace learning?

A school in Norway called Nordahl Grieg High School may have not cured the boring school syndrome, but it looks like they have made strides to bring an interest to at least come to school (which is a miracle).

The Norwegian high school is a jewel of contemporary design. The architecture of the school predominantly focuses on the use of glass to give the institution an expansive and open look and feel to it.

Designed by an architecture firm called Link Arkitektur which is also based in Norway. The school has a very contemporary look to it, the place looks friendly in a way which is a warm surprise considering schools (or at least the ones I’ve been to) look dim and confining, like jail houses.

The unique learning institution stands about three stories tall and houses all of the extracurricular facilities that you know and love but, you know, prettier.

Anyway, back to the vibe of the school. It has a certain recreational lounge-y feel that you might find at your nearby university campus. Visually, I can see this school impressing the avid book worms, welcoming students that have struggled in the past but want learn and do more and inspiring the creative ones who aspire to venture into the fields of architecture or digital art.

I see this as another big step for education (not the first one, I understand that there are other learning facilities across the world with great architecture and vibe to it), and more like this should hopefully follow from different firms that try to encapsulate their own specific feel that they want convey to the student body attending the said institution.

I am not saying that this is the cure to jump start the youth’s interest in education, but this is definitely a step in the right direction if this is a place that students actually want to go to.

With all that said, high school in Norway must be freakin’ sweet… or at least this one is.




Image Credit: Link Arkitektur

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