January 3, 2013

How About A New Social Network For Your New Year?

Introducing a new site called It’s a new social platform that takes some of the best ideas from the other sites you know and love and mixes them into a melting pot of computer-generated interaction. But before I go into the mechanics of the site, I just want to discuss the origins first. was started in November, 2011 in good old L.A. by a very talented group of friends in the tech and entertainment industries respectively. The group is headed by the veteran Internet entrepreneur O.D. Kobo, who is also the site’s leading investor. In October of 2012 the site finally launched to the public and an IOS app soon followed after that on November 8th.

Now you know the history, but what about the site itself? How does it distinguish itself from the other social networks?

The brand focuses on people to express themselves through a slew of outlets. Letting the speakers speak. Letting the writers write. Letting the artists art (wait?).

Well, here’s where things get interesting. Like I said before, the site is a mixture of all the best ideas from across the board. First off, a member is given a profile, or “channel,” as they like to call it. This is where Facebook and Twitter meet. People can send messages to one another (no poking though) or just say random stuff that they think their online friends would be paying attention to. In addition to that, people can post an assortment of other media like audio or video (hey YouTube!). Another thing members can post is a picture of course, but the picture system is set up like Tumblr and Instagram. People can tag their photos and users from all over the net can search, find and like/share the images. Put this picture in your head to get a more clear view: Think of someone who just painted a picture of a tiger and wanted to share it with the world. They would take a photo and add tags like “tiger,” “painting” and “art” to get as many views as possible, which results in maybe the user’s particular channel becoming popular with those looking for art to share with the members in their own channel. Of course the credit will be given to the original person’s channel, which generates even more traffic to his or her page.

Moving along, did I mention users can also generate live broadcasts?

Yeah, people will be able to tune into live, in real time Internet radio shows or video broadcasts from other members. Considering the creativity I’ve seen on YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram, I am patiently waiting to see how the Internet will take to this.

All of this media goodness will be encased into a person’s “pheed,” which is basically a wall or timeline where users can decorate the background, input profile information and anything of the like.

To me this website seems like the perfect marriage of niche audiences meets mass audiences. In some areas it has the easy to use social system of Facebook or Twitter to gain mass appeal, but also has the niche audience’s favorites such as tagging pictures, sharing creations and aesthetic customization that has made such sites popular with creative crowds like Tumblr, DeviantArt, Instagram and Flickr.

Maybe next year this site will hit it big and we will all look at Facebook like it is MySpace, unless everyone’s New Year’s resolution is to get off of social networking sites. Well, then that would be a bummer… yep that would be a bummer.

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