November 29, 2012

How Close Is Media Imagination To Reality?

Wanna take a ride back to 1985? PSYCH!!! We haven’t imagined enough yet.

A while ago I came across an article that discussed the science of Supreme Commander 2 as it related to our own recent discoveries. The reason of course being that we had only a few weeks before that article discovered a fusion reaction that would allow humans to successfully manipulate the relationship between mass and energy. In short?

We would be able to convert energy to mass.

Think on that for a second-It would be obvious that we wouldn’t be able convert UV light or gamma radiation to a physical medium of usable mass. But what if we could convert nuclear waste into metallic compounds? About the same way that we can convert liquid magma in Earth’s core to solid cooled metal.

The phenomenon of that game revolved solely around this method. In the game, because of mankind’s mastery of mass and energy, they were able to create armies and structures within thirty minutes that spanned for thousands of miles without using a cent! Could you imagine how far humanity could advance if we had developed a proximity of materials that worked that efficiently?

The possibilities are absolutely astronomical (No Pun Intended).

The science of that game came very close to a scientific discovery that we found in a literal sense. How disastrous would life be if light sabers were craft able in all their limb dismembering glory?

I’d give up.

And then of course we have Mass Effect-which, like Star Wars, made its own refinement of a super retro science fiction mega universe that millions of fans could lose themselves in. Mass Effect should serve as shining proof that originality has no shame in inspiration: Practically every element of its lore was adopted from the ideal of another science fiction story.

They adopted the ideals of Star Wars’ manifestation of “The Force” into their own psychic power that Bioware called “Mass Field Bending”. Quite remarkable actually-with the requirement of a specialized nervous system, which isn’t located in all humans, one could bend mass effect fields in time and space.

Please, somebody please discover it.

The science of that universe is nothing short of fascinating, if not terribly frightening.

Gears of War roots in lore in a steam punk future on a fictional planet called Sera. And while Gears didn’t do that great of a job intertwining its lore with the stars, it still made a lovely story and theory on creationism of humanity. For those who don’t know, Gears of War takes place as stated before on Sera with a forgotten portion of humanity fending for themselves in a very hostile territory. They’ve discovered a super fuel much like America’s fascination with oil, and used it to their advantage to spawn an entire generation, and even war, defined by this Immulsion.

Ultimately humanity almost meets its complete demise at the hands of this Immulsion-an interesting metaphor on mankind’s dependence on an industrial revolution. Perhaps that series can speak miles and miles ahead to our own dependence on oil? Scientists of the future are moving in as fast a proximity as they can to define humanities evolution over our dependence on a consumption of a natural resource that is killing our planet!!!

And finally, we can take an observation on The Matrix trilogy. I’m in the least a cultist of this series, but I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that it was a childhood wonderment for my imagination.

The Matrix trilogy takes place somewhere over one hundred years after dawn of the 21st century and humanity is on the ropes against a super sentient span of robots that they have fallen into war with. No one knows what year it actually is, or even how this war began. Both sides took turns lashing back and forth at each other until their gripes left the planet Earth suffering and dying-Humanity actually managed to blot out the sun!!!

All they know is that a prophet amongst them, Morpheus, has a special connection with the natural inhabitants of The Matrix.

They also inquire that the Matrix is actually a virtual reality simulation used by the machines as a last ditch effort to use humanity for their better survival. The origins of humanity’s survival root entirely on whether or not they can locate source of The Matrix and destroy it.  This prophet has been searching for the likes of one who is foreseen by The Oracle to stop the machines from destroying humanity and freeing them.

The Matrix is with out a doubt one of the most beautiful metaphorical statements on humanities dependence on machines that has ever been written. In fact, The Matrix has spanned many different cult followings of faithfuls who we’re convinced that they were living in a virtual reality.

These popular culture icons are mere forms of entertainment to some, but to the nerds and geeks they are comfy visions into worlds that we often think of as impossible and imaginary to reach.4

The lesson here is always that humanity’s future is dependent on how far and wide we intend on extending our imagination. Let us know in the comments!!!

Image Credit: Photos.com

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