November 17, 2012

How Disney’s Mouse Is Going To Revolutionize The Wheel

Early next month Disney World Resort will finally get the push of creative power that it has always both needed and deserved. No, they’re not having a job fair for Imagineers or buying out another empire or any crazy thing like that, don’t be silly. They are putting the tools in your hands, the customer this time. A new attraction is coming that will let visitors inside of a virtual automotive design studio where, yes you can design any automobile of your free will. If you want to create a car, do it. If you want to create a truck, who’s gonna stop you? If you want to create that car with the truck bed that all of your friends have been telling you wouldn’t work out, this is your chance to prove them wrong.

After you have created your beautiful masterpiece, you will then be able to race your genius creation at the “digital driving table” where, from the concept art, looks to put a number of guests around the table and watch as your art on wheels smokes the competition in a digital projection of a city. In addition, creators will also be able to produce and show off a television commercial of their baby strutting their stuff.  But what about when it’s over? How can you show those friends that you proved them wrong?  Don’t worry visitors will also be posing in front of their creations to take pictures that will surely be right beside the Christmas and graduation photos.

But how does this work? How does Disney have time to create fantastic animated movies, buy empires, manage bought empires and still have time of day to know the very first thing about cars, let alone how to show people how to design them? Well that’s where Chevrolet comes in. Collaborating for about 18 months, Chevy and Disney have wrestled together in various fields from animation and architecture all the way to automotive and industrial design to bring you this astounding, one of a kind attraction. The designers from Chevrolet will also be helping guests get the best performance out their virtual masterpiece as possible, walking the floors and then scoring the automobiles on which design can get the most out of the engine and other parts.

I am personally thrilled to see such imagination and freedom of choice given to visitors of Disney World Resort. I would love to see the thrill on the faces of both children and adults alike when they realize the only limit is their imagination. As an artist and animation student, I’m itching to create and race against like minds. I’m even willing to race against those of you stuck in the office and finally rolling up those sleeves to have some fun. In my case, the trip is already booked. Who knew that after nearly a century of redefining entertainment and imagination for the public, Disney would finally take a seat and let us be the ones to amaze?  For more information please visit the website.

Image Credit: Disney

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