What is cuter than a baby piglet? A baby piglet with a K’nex wheelchair, that’s what. The Chicago Tribune reported on Chris P. Bacon, the piglet with wheels for hind legs.
February 17, 2013

If This Isn’t the Cutest Darn Piglet Ever

What is cuter than a baby piglet? A baby piglet with a K’nex wheelchair, that’s what. The Chicago Tribune reported on Chris P. Bacon, the piglet with wheels for hind legs. I have to say that the name leaves a little to be desired, but the story is cute enough to excuse naming a pig after the cut of meat that humans love to eat from it most.

So, here is the story. In a town 30 miles west of Orlando, Florida, veterinarian Len Lucero found himself with a 10-day old piglet that weighed a mere one pound. The piglet was born without the use of its hind legs, and a client who could not care for such a farm animal dropped him off at Lucero’s vet clinic.

The piglet was just too cute, so Lucero grabbed pieces from a K’nex set and started building. Before he knew it, he had a perfect little wheelchair for Chris P. Bacon. It mobilized the pink and white rear end of Chris and, suddenly, the piglet had new hope.

And baby pig is definitely too cute. The BBC U.S. & Canada posted the video of the little guy testing out his new hind quarters. Though Chris is still a bit shaky on the wheelchair, he definitely looks happy to be able to move around. I bet he will be scuttling about the clinic in no time.

As if watching the piglet try out his new “legs” wasn’t adorable enough, the video on BBC ends with Chris being fed a bottle. Oh, how the heartstrings plucked at that sight. Chris P. Bacon is one precious little being.

Right now, my soul is so warm and fuzzy. Piglets are definitely cute on their own, but this little guy just tugs a little tighter. He is the underdog…ahem, underpig. He was born without the use of his hind legs, which for a farm animal means death, yet somehow the little porker has a second chance.

The compassion of veterinarian’s like Lucero reminds us that animals deserve love and respect, too. Chris P. Bacon should have a chance to survive. He should be allowed an opportunity to grow and live and snort and connect with other beings. Now, he might be able to do all of that.

I have long admired vets for their dedication to animals. I am an animal lover. I believe that animals are parts of our families. The roles they play in our lives are hard to replace thus we should take care of them. Vets help us do that. Lucero here found himself with a piglet in need of mobility, so he found a way to help.

Sometimes, though, vets have to do what pet owners and friends cannot. They must give the pet the easiest path to painlessness as possible, which means sometimes vets must euthanize their furry and feathery and even scaly clients. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. On the one hand, the vet knows he is helping ease the pet’s pain and suffering, but on the other he also knows that the life of the loved one is about to end.

I greatly admire what vets do. And stories like Chris P. Bacon’s deserve a round of applause. Thank you, Len Lucero, for your dedication to animals. And thanks for sharing Chris’ first steps with the world. Now, I’m off to watch that little cutie again!

Image Credit: Len Lucero via Reddit

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