“I’m A Mac” Plays Jobs In New, Probably Terrible, Jobs Biopic
March 23, 2013

“I’m A Mac” Plays Jobs In New, Probably Terrible, Jobs Biopic

There are now more planned biopics about Steve Jobs than there are years since he’s passed, just in case you were wondering what kind of effect the man had on this world.

jOBS, featuring Ashton Kutcher as Apple’s CEO, has been delayed and no one seems to know when it will finally hit the box office. Aaron Sorkin’s film in three, 30 minute acts, is still many years away. This week, the online comedy site Funny or Die announced that they’d also like to create a Steve Jobs biopic starring the Mac from the “I’m a Mac” ads all those years ago.

“Mac” is better known as Justin Long, who is also famous for his roles in “Kickball” and “Drag Me to Hell.” Funny or Die has already released a publicity photo for their version of Steve Job’s story and, judging from this one photo, this film won’t be too much of a departure from Funny or Die’s usual fare. In this photo, Long is seen mimicking the famous black and white Jobs photo, with the visionary bespectacled in round glasses and lightly touching his chin in introspection. It’s an image which many are very familiar with. It shows the sternness of Jobs, the level of earnest and thoughtful commitment he brought to every project he touched. Long’s shot looks like a few young comedians got drunk and stoned last weekend, thought it would be a hilarious goof to create a Jobs biopic, then haphazardly glued some hair to Long’s face and slapped a balding cap on him. His glasses are crooked, he is much balder than Jobs is in this iconic photograph, and the background is black instead of white. He’s even gesturing with the wrong hand, for crying out loud!

Safe to say, this film will be completely different from any other biopic to be released about Steven Paul Jobs. The film, called “iSteve” (of course they did…), will also be unlike other films shot by the comedy Web site. Unlike their normal three-to-five minute format, this film is set to run between 60 and 75 minutes long. The site will release the film on April 15, which happens to be the day Kutcher’s film was set to be released before it was pushed back due to a lack of “buzz” for the film.

In an interview with CNN, iSteve director Ryan Perez explains that this film probably won’t have very many factual accuracies, if any at all.

“I got an iPhone last year,” he said. “I’m confident that qualifies me to be an expert on Steve Jobs.”

Perez mentions only casually looking over the Steve Jobs Wikipedia page while conducting the research for this film. This, says Perez, will keep the film from insulting any Jobs fans.

“We took quite a bit of dramatic license with Steve Jobs’ life, but not as much as the makers of ‘Argo’ took with their story,” said Perez.

A Justin Long Steve Jobs feels somehow appropriate, though I’m not sure if he ever had a chance to meet the man who helped create the goods Long was paid to push. So far, this film sounds like it will include all the terrible jokes and piss-poor video quality found all over the Funny or Die web site. And that’s ok. Funny or Die is known for the occasional hysterical video, and their attitude towards bringing comedy and entertainment to the modern age is admirable. Expect iSteve (God, I hate that name) to spend some time poking fun at zealous Apple fans, as well. But if we can’t laugh at ourselves (or the man we idolize) then who can we laugh at?

What’s the over/under on a guest appearance by John Hodgkin, better known as “PC?”

Image Credit: Ton Haex / Shutterstock.com

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