Injustice Showdown: Visual Observation
February 28, 2013

Injustice Showdown: Visual Observation

NeatherRealm Studios is pushing the hype bar for Injustice: Gods Among Us by showcasing a character tournament, featuring some of DC’s most memorable and profound characters (maybe not that far, but still). This week we have been treated to a showdown match between Solomon Grundy and The Green Lantern, while Aqua Man faces off with his trusty trident against Cyborg (you know, from Teen Titans?)

Seeing Cyborg with a more mature animation and profile style was almost painful: I spent a good part of my teenage years watching an 18-year-old Victor Stone fight crime and provide comic relief with Beast Boy. NeatherRealm was sure to highlight his armor casings and physical stature as gargantuan in size when compared to that of normal human beings, and with that comparison, Aqua Man stood just across a parking lot with his trident and fish scale outfit.

Not many of us really respect Aqua Man owing to the fact that we’ve never truly seen Aqua Man’s fighting in action. Add that with our imagination not feeling very inspired by what a man can do with a school of clownfish, and you might have assumed the same thing. But, Aqua Man did in fact put up a more than formidable fight with Cyborg. His trident is always present in his hand, as he primarily uses it for melee attacks for close range. When he’s far away, you can be sure to see water waves and different long-range tricks to get the enemy up close so that the character can get more intimate.

Cyborg didn’t stand a chance. Honestly, I expected a lot more than a grapple hook and some energy blasts from his arm. Apart from this, and Cyborg’s aspects of super human strength, his fighting style is very uninteresting. We watched as Aqua Man uppercut Cyborg into the mansion’s roof and crash into the library. Here, Aqua Man unleashed a series of melee attacks before finishing his special; a watery tidal wave attack that involves ‘Forking’ the opponent with his trident, waving him around, and letting a great white shark snatch him through closed jaws off screen.

Solomon Grundy’s beating on The Green Lantern was much more impressive to watch. Solomon has never looked more deadly (save for Arkham City), with his noose hanging swiftly from the neck, and knives plugged all over his shoulder blades. The man is enormous; so enormous that while placed alongside The Lantern you could be positive that he might rein victorious.

Instead, he got thrashed.

The Green lantern is no pushover. He sticks his fist straight through a lantern (go figure) and pulls from it as his signature ring shines in all its emerald luminosity from his middle finger. Lantern goes to work on Solomon’s figure with his powers, which are mostly comprised of a series of unorthodox holograms. He throws a series of missiles, knocks Solomon into a brick wall of his own creation, and crashes dozens of fighter jets into his opponent before smashing him with a giant hammer.

This is all unorthodox to the atmosphere and aesthetic of the fight, but what can you expect from The Green Lantern? Adding an additional insult to injury, The Lantern takes two buses and smashes them into Solomon, effectively bringing an end to a fight that probably shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Injustice is building upon the design elements of a decades old comic generation. With great hope, we’ll be spending hundreds of hours smashing opponents through skyscrapers and bat caves alike this April.

Image Credit: NeatherRealm Studios

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