International Tabletop Day 2014
January 28, 2014

International Tabletop Day 2014

Hold on to your hats, my glorious gaggle of geeks. International Tabletop Day 2014 is set to be held on April 15. That is right, it is here again. For those of you asking “Gamemaster, what is International Tabletop Day?” let me tell you all about it. International Tabletop Day is a day set aside each and every year to devote entirely to the various hobbies that we love. Board games, card games, tactics games, miniatures games, role-playing games, it does not matter. It is a day of games, games, games!

International Tabletop Day is a worldwide celebration of all things gaming. Last year, more than 3,000 gaming events were held in 64 countries worldwide. This included every single state in the USA, every continent in the world (yes, that includes Antarctica), and there was even a movement to have the event celebrated on the International Space Station – turning this amazing global celebration into one that reached up into the heavens themselves. How awesome is that? Unfortunately, this was not able to happen, but hopes are high to make this year even better.

So how do you take part? It is simple. All you need to do is find a local store or other business catering to the event and sign up. Cannot find any in your area? Start one up yourself. No, not a whole business. Go to your local bookstore, your local coffee shop, or any other well-traveled hangout your hometown might have and ask them if they would be willing to let you let up a game there. Most places I know are more than happy, with enough notice before hand, to accommodate you. Then, once you have the okay, go to and register your event. You can also go there to find out about any events happening near you. There are already – at time of writing – more than 250 different events preregistered in the United States alone as well as more than 300 events scheduled worldwide, with more being announced every day.

For now I am personally waiting to see what events open up close to home before I decide if I want to run an event myself. I plan on discussing it with my gamers within the next few weeks and I would encourage all Gamemasters out there to do the same. Put on your best faces, everyone. Shave those scruffy beards, wipe away all that Cheetos dust, and bush your teeth with something other than Mountain Dew (ha ha, gamer stereotypes) and lets get together to spread the joy about our beloved pass-times. Lets show the world what it means to be a gamer.

Is not our hobby a truly wonderful thing? More than anything other passion in all the world, I can think of few other things able to bring so many different people from so many different cultures together. There is just something about gaming, in all of its various and wonderful forms, that helps us set aside all differences for the sake of simple fun. I love gaming and I love gamers.

Need more convincing? Let me have web celebrities and gaming icons Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day tell you more.

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