International Weather Outlook: April 7, 2013
April 7, 2013

International Weather Outlook: April 7, 2013

Weather Forecast for North America on April 7, 2013

High pressure over Greenland will bring partly cloudy skies to the region, while low pressure approaching Iceland will bring cloudy skies and isolated snow showers to the area. Low pressure moving through the Hudson Bay will bring snow to the area; expect to see showers move through the Great Lakes and towards the northeast with this weather system. Another storm system approaching the west coast of Canada and the Pacific Northwest will bring showers to this region. A few snow showers will be possible over parts of southern Alaska. Cold air will remain over Alaska, northern Canada and also eastward towards Greenland and Iceland. A warm up is in store for the east coast of the United States with some places getting near 60F. Temps will remain in the 70’s to 80’s across most of Mexico.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Weather Forecast for South America on April 7, 2013

Strong gradient winds will be over the southern part of South America; expect to see strong winds in the area. A few showers will be possible across central South America and into western Brazil. The remainder of South America will enjoy partly cloudy skies and a nice day. The northeast part of Brazil will enjoy temps in the mid to upper 80’s and a few 90’s will be possible. From the Andes southward to the tip of South America expect to see temps in the 30-40’s.

Weather Forecast for Europe and the Middle East on April 7, 2013

Low pressure area moving through northern Europe and western Russia will bring some showers and snow showers to the region; otherwise expect mostly cloudy skies for England to partly cloudy skies over Spain and France. An area of low pressure will be moving through Italy; however, only expect to see cloudy skies, as precipitation should be limited. High pressure will bring clear skies and another warm day to the Middle East. Northern Europe into western Russia will still be dealing with cold weather as high temps don’t make it above freezing for many locations in this region. Temps will be moderate for England and most of eastern Europe, with places getting into the mid 50’s and a few 60’s possible. Warm air will really push into Italy and the Middle East, with the strong southerly flow ahead of the storm system.

Weather Forecast for Africa and the Cape Verde and Madagascar Islands on April 7, 2013

A few showers will be possible through the east-central part of Africa along the monsoonal flow. High pressure over northern Africa will keep the region dry and warm. Expect partly cloudy skies across South Africa as high pressure builds in from the west. Partly cloudy skies should dominate the weather for both the Cape Verde Islands and also Madagascar. The northeast portion of Africa, along with the Cape Verde Islands, will see temps in the 70’s; the rest of Africa will see temps in the mid 80’s and some lower 90’s; the same will be true for Madagascar.

Weather Forecast for Southeast Asia on April 7, 2013

Partly cloudy skies will prevail from India to parts of northeast Thailand and also Cambodia, while mostly cloudy skies will be found over Sri Lanka. Afternoon showers and isolated thunderstorms will be found over southern Thailand and into Singapore; these showers will also extend into Indonesia. The temps will be warm across the entire region with readings in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s. A few places away from the water could also see temps in the upper 90’s.

Weather Forecast for Eastern Asia and the island of (Guam) on April 7, 2013

Low pressure to the north of Japan will bring a few isolated snow showers to northern Japan and also northeast Russia. High pressure over eastern China will bring partly cloudy skies and across the Korea’s and into southern and central Japan. High pressure to the northeast of Hong Kong will also bring a nice day to the region. Sunny skies will prevail mostly for Manila and Guam throughout the day as well. A large surge of cold weather will be in place from northern Russia into northern Japan, with many places not getting above freezing during the day. Eastern China into Tokyo, and back towards the Korea’s, will see high temps in the 50’s, with a few 60’s possible. Hong Kong will enjoy temps in the upper 70’s.

Weather Forecast for the Island of (New Zealand) and Australia for April 7, 2013

Look for a few showers over northeast Australia for places like Brisbane, while high pressure over south central Australia will bring partly cloudy skies to the remainder of Australia for places like Perth and Sydney. Temps will be in the mid 80’s across most of western Australia, while eastern Australia will be dealing with temps in the lower to mid 70’s. New Zealand will be the cold spot with temps near freezing during the day.

Featured Image Credit: somchaij / Shutterstock

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