International Weather Outlook: November 8, 2013
November 8, 2013

International Weather Outlook: November 8, 2013

*All temperatures are in degrees (F) unless otherwise noted.

Weather Forecast for North America on November 8, 2013

High pressure over most of the US will bring cool to cold weather, with many places seeing frost and freezing conditions overnight. A storm system moving into Alaska will bring showers and snow showers to the region over the next couple of days. Temps will range from the 30’s over Greenland to the 50’s along the eastern US, warming to the 60’s and 70’s for the southeast and Gulf Coast. Temps over the Plains will also be in the 40’s and 50’s, while the West Coast will see 60’s mostly.

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Image Credit: Joshua Kelly

Weather Forecast for South America on November 8, 2013

There will be a few showers over Peru; otherwise partly cloudy skies will be seen from Brazil to Argentina and over all of Chile. Temps will be in the 70’s for Peru warming to the 80’s over Brazil and the 70’s for Northern Argentina cooling to the 50’s for Southern Argentina and Chile.

Weather Forecast for Europe and the Middle East on November 8, 2013

A few showers will linger over northern Europe and into western Russia, while the majority of the area from England to France will see partly cloudy skies and the area from Spain to Italy will see sunny skies, this will also carry over to the Middle East. Temps will be in the 40’s over northern Europe warming to the 60’s for England and the 70’s and 80’s for Spain to Italy, while the Middle East will see 80’s and some 90’s as well.

Weather Forecast for Africa and the Cape Verde and Madagascar Islands on November 8, 2013

Northern Africa will have partly cloudy skies, while showers will dominate most of central Africa giving way to partly cloudy skies and breezy conditions over southern Africa. Temps will be in the 80’s and 90’s for northern Africa cooling to the 70’s and 80’s for central Africa and the 60’s across most of South Africa.

Weather Forecast for Southeast Asia on November 8, 2013

Showers and thunderstorms will spread across from southern India to Sri Lanka and eastward into Singapore, while showers will also be possible for Thailand and Vietnam. Temps for this area will be in the 80’s and 90’s.

Weather Forecast for Eastern Asia and the island of (Guam) on November 8, 2013

High pressure over Russia will slide into northern China; this will bring partly cloudy skies to the region. This will also extend over the Korea’s and into Japan. Afternoon showers will be possible over Hong Kong, while Super Typhoon hits just south of Manila with winds in excess of 150mph gusting over 200mph, this storm is and will continue to create massive destruction over the region, from flooding to damaging winds along with enormous storm surge. Showers will be isolated in the afternoon over Guam. Temps will range from the 20’s over Northern Russia to the 40’s and 50’s over Eastern China and the Korea’s warming to the 60’s for Tokyo. Temps will be in the 70’s over Hong Kong along with Manila, while Guam will hit the lower 80’s.

Weather Forecast for the Island of (New Zealand) and Australia for November 8, 2013

Partly cloudy skies will prevail from western Australia to central Australia, while mostly cloudy skies will dominate the weather over Sydney as showers push into New Zealand. Temps will be in the 90’s over the northwest to the 70’s for Perth and the 60’s and 70’s over Southeast Australia.

Featured Image Credit: Thinkstock

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