November 24, 2012

Interpretations Of The Artist

We’ll take a comfortable peek into the hearts and minds of today’s most beloved artists.

Steven Spielberg’s accolades began long before he made The Last Gun. The same misconception is shattered when we look at Shakespeare’s life and realize that Romeo and Juliet was not his first endeavor as a playwright.

Brad Pitt waited tables before getting his big break in Kalifornia, and Doug Hutchison?

Well, he’s still just creepy.

Michael Bay likes to entertain his fans and admirers with childhood stories of his origins in wanting to pursue a career in action packed cinema, and lets not forget that James Cameron was a truck driver before he became one of the most successful movie directors in modern Hollywood.

Even the Pillsbury dough boy had a few slings in Hollywood before he hit it big as a soft and cuddly pastry ad icon.

Why is it that we only remember the golden hours of the greats? Who’s to say that tomorrows bus boy or homeless individual won’t be the next critically acclaimed writer? Or perhaps its not that we decide and judge who reaches those feats of amazement and success, but that we put so much tension and stress on the aspect of being a modern day prodigy.

Prodigy’s are no different than the stories of Thor or the Boogeyman-figments of our imagination given a voice and a few thousand likes on Facebook. They’re non-existent, their holiness, that is. On the inside they’re as human and fragile as you and I-so why can’t we produce the same amazing art work as them? What exactly is holding us back from curing cancer and discovering the next pathogen that can lead to extended human life?

The next planet to harbor human life, or the next human Phoenix personified in human history.

The next tomorrow.

We’re at a new peak of our existence as a species, yet we spend our time fearing and glorifying those that walk the Earth with no regard to social norms or how cold it is outside. Rather than using the 3,000 friends that Courtney has on facebook to publicize her next novel, she’d rather rant about  how she’s freaked out that she’s losing weight. Who’s Courtney, your probably asking.

Pay attention, will ya?

Technological as well as philosophical ideals are at an all time high! Interracial and gay marriage has never been so widely accepted in American society, and with respect to that civil and liberal ideals have skyrocketed to heights that we hadn’t foreseen for decades.

Our world has changed, and we as individuals have grown older and more wanting of a social revolution. Where did our respect for our art go? What happened to the drive and desire to fulfill that want of completing your charcoal portrait of your daughter, or the hunger of a completed sculpture in your living room? The next Operating System being developed as freeware for PC? The next chemical compound that will dwarf the oil and gas phenomenon?

Where is the success.

It’s a term that has been dried out for so long in modern media due to excessive usage and deterred meaning that most of us hardly respect what it means to work anymore. I have the tools and processing, not to mention the artistic imagination, to create the best short film of my generation by the end of this week! So what’s holding me back?

What can I say?

I’m a lazy guy.

My problem is my lack of respect for hard work to anything, really. In grade school I had the capability of all A’s and dozens of hours of college credit hours under my belt. I would have handled it with efficiency and best of all: I would take great pride in my work. So what happened?

Well, I’m in college, and that’s as good news as your going to get from me.

But where the real work comes from isn’t the disillusionment to complete a task-thats just far too tedious for my tastes. Where the real passion and interest comes from is the personal discovery that I pursue in my practices, as it should be a personal discovery for all of you.

An exploration of your own artistic self is what defines our unique experiences and the mold of our lives.

So where does your passion rest? Let us know in the comments!!!

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