iPad: Next Innovation in Pc Gaming?!?
May 22, 2013

iPad: Next Innovation In Pc Gaming?!?

iPads and tablets alike have always been lacking in respect when it comes to serious gamers. They were a seen as a decent way just to kill time, entertain and become addicted to games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. But could this new app be its redemption, and turn the simple tablet into an asset for every hardcore gamer?

The designers and developers at xReva have designed an app that has completely revolutionized the use for the iPad. They have created a touch game controller called the xReva Gamepad. You download the app to both your computer and iPad and then have at it.

I have just been recently turned on to the fascinating and ever expanding realm of PC gaming by one of my fellow bloggers, and seeing this new app made me want to hurry and build my rig even faster. “In addition to the mouse xReva GAMEPAD allows your other hand to have at its disposal an outstanding game controller!” The gamepad is designed with an 8 axis virtual directional pad. It’s simple enough to use, push near the top of the screen to go up, near the bottom go down, left to go left, right to go right, etc. You can activate your character actions though a series of nine buttons plated on the screen, and access the full 23 with the simple push of a button. For a more new age feel, you can make use of 23 simple gestures you can perform all while moving your character.

“Optimized for FPS, TPS, RPG, Action and MMORPG games, xReva GAMEPAD can quickly adapt to your favorite  games through its game profiles “ready to play” xReva has designed this app with 28 different “ready to play” profiles, which are being updated and added to frequently. You are also able to customize your own profile with the profile editor, and the screen is easily reversible for players who are left handed.

The iPad offers great visibility, and a large enough touch area, which means that you can easily play and move without having to let your eyes leave the screen. It is designed for very low latency and high communication, so the response time between the Gamepad and the remote (the app downloaded on the computer) is short, making for pin pointed actions and reactions. The remote also comes in a discreet toolbar, which is barely noticeable, and the icon will appear only for the announcements of new updates. Features like that, along with automatic connection between apps, and reversible lay outs, are the main reason xReva is getting such rave reviews for their product.

The xReva Gamepad is already out and available in the App Store for only $4.99. As far as I can tell, The Gamepad  app itself is available only for the iPad , and no word has been mentioned of it being available for other tablets as of yet. The remote required for the computer is available for both PC and Mac (still trying to figure out who games with Mac). It is 100% free and can be downloaded and easily installed from the website via the xReva website.

Image Credit: xReva

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