December 6, 2012

iPhone 5: Now Available In 100 Markets

It just wouldn’t be an iPhone without a few hiccups. The first iPhone was too expensive, couldn’t run apps and only operated on the slow and outdated EDGE network. The iPhone 3G fixed these problems, but some couldn’t believe that Apple still refused to implement a keyboard. The iPhone 3GS looked too much like the 3G, while the iPhone 4 was made of crackable glass and had that whole antenna thing. The iPhone 4S looked too much like an iPhone, and the iPhone 5 was seen as lackluster and too difficult to build.

Apple has been struggling to keep up with demand for this new, lackluster and underwhelming phone ever since it’s release, and the factories where they’re assembled have been faced with protests in the quality assurance portion of assembly.

There have been signs lately that these 2 companies have been able to work out some of the kinks in the assembly process and reduce the shipment times to just one week.

Additionally, the iPhone 5 will debut in 44 new countries in December alone, allowing Apple to finally reach their goal of having their phone available in over 100 markets by the end of the year.

Tim Cook had mentioned this goal during their last earnings call, but gave his company a little extra room just in case they weren’t able to deliver,

“We do plan these [roll-outs] in advance and so it is not a precise science,” said Cook.

“And we obviously have to plan those with several weeks of notice. And so occasionally, it can be different than what we think.”

Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets has been estimating that Apple would be able to meet this goal all along. Today, White issued a letter to investors saying he had been right all along, and his other predictions are looking pretty good as well.

“Capacity is now becoming more widely available and shipment times have plummeted to just one week versus three to four weeks a few weeks ago,” said White in his note.

According to White, the iPhone 5 rollout is still behind where the iPhone 4S had been at this time last year, but the new markets opening up in December should make up this lost ground.

“The iPhone 4S was already in 70 countries in the first 63 days of the launch last year versus our estimate of 47 countries for the iPhone 5 over a similar time frame this year,” wrote White, a typically bullish analyst when it comes to Apple.

“[But] Apple is on track to reach 101 countries during the first 91 days of the iPhone 5…, better than the 92 countries for the iPhone 4S over a similar time frame.”

Image Credit: Apple

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