September 14, 2012

iPhone 5 Pre-Ordered And Ready To Go

“Pure bliss.” That’s the answer I gave myself after asking how it felt to be one of the first to pre-order Apple’s iPhone 5.

As an advocate of all that is Apple, and someone who considers themselves to suffer from the “latest and greatest” gadget affliction, having the ability to stay up and order the iPhone 5 the day the pre-orders becomes available is a sadly surreal feeling.

Fellow redOrbiter writer Michael Harper messaged me about 31 minutes prior to the iPhone 5 becoming available for pre-order with the simple statement, “you waiting up?”

Immediately I responded, awake and aware of what he was talking about “thinking about it.”

For people like Mikey and I, we love all things that are Apple. All Apple products are more than just innovation too us, but they are contagious, so once the pre-orders became available, you bet we were up at 12:01 a.m. pacific time ensuring to one of the first to snag one of the latest devices from the Willy Wonka type technology company.

After ensuring Michael that he was a groomsman in my upcoming wedding, we realized that time flew by in the past 30 minutes, and that the final minute was upon us.

The iMessage chat was nearly vacant as those 60 seconds passed, and we waited to become some of the first in the world to own one of the greatest pieces of technological engineering mankind has ever created.

Once I worked through all the prompts, and Apple’s website had finally stopped loading the page, I saw a message from Apple that immediately placed me on cloud nine that read: “Thank You.”

My current iPhone email, as well as MacBook email, erupted me with a message, and I knew I was in an exclusive club that only those that were willing to lose some sleep had acquired entry too.

You see, becoming a new iPhone 5 owner is more than just owning the latest and greatest to me. It is reconciling a year of struggle as I dealt with a phone that has had its fair share of trouble.

Over a year ago, I was out with my fiancé hiking in the Rocky Mountains when we saw moose, which is an elusive creature in Colorado. Across Piney Lake in Vail, three moose stood, proudly, awaiting for our Canon 60D camera to snap an image. The problem was that we were about a half mile away from being able to do so.

After trucking through shoulder high grass, and more mud-filled creeks than I want to remember, we came upon a river. Being the man I want to be, I packed all my belongings in my pack, headed across the river, and waded through it to place my stuff on the other side with the intention to go back and grab my beautiful fiancé on my shoulders to bring her across.

Upon wading back through the river, and reaching shore, a feeling overwhelmed me that I will never forget: I had a smartphone shaped device rubbing against my leg in my left pocket when drying off.

I left my iPhone 4 inside my hiking shorts. With all the hoopla going on with the moose, I had forgotten one of the more important things to throw into my bag. Immediately, my heart sank, similar to my iPhone

I knew at that moment that all was lost, so I put my phone aside and headed towards the moose. I snapped a few photos, took my fiancé onto my shoulders to wade back across the river towards the car, and drove back to Denver.

After arriving back to my home, I knew that legend said to put my phone in a bag of rice and wait a few days. I placed my junky iPhone 3G back into the starting line for a few days and prayed its predecessor would take flight once again.

Once a few days had passed, and more than a few prayers had left my lips, I took up that bag of rice and reached for the phone and turned it on. To my surprise, and nothing short of a miracle, I saw the Apple logo appear and I let out a gleeful sound that only Angels would be able to recognize.

Although my iPhone buddy had been brought from death to life, it was not without its flaws due to the river baptism. The iPhone’s LED would not turn off, thus leaving me with a phone that would die within just a few hours after charging it for the past year.

A year later, Apple finally announced a new, better iPhone, as well as a date that I knew was meant for me. My iPhone update happened to coincide with the pre-order date that Apple had initiated this past Wednesday.

Midnight and one minute pacific coast time passed, and I logged onto Apple’s site faster than a redneck pulls out a shotgun on his daughter’s new boyfriend. It was on.

I click on a black iPhone 5, selected a Verizon wireless plan, and made my purchase. With no lag at all, my redemption had finally awakened.

After dealing with my own burden of a busted iPhone for the past year, I received an email of confirmation that made me literally stand up, and cheer for glee. My iPhone 5 had been preordered. The moose drenched iPhone 4 has had its day, and now the latest and greatest is finally on its way towards a new and exciting owner.

Image Credit: Apple

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