Iron Man 3 vs. Iron Man Comics
May 3, 2013

Iron Man 3 vs. Iron Man Comics

Iron Man 3 will be the first epic Marvel movie of this year. We all have high expectations for Robert Downey Jr. and we expect only the finest in plot, special effects, and one-liners that we will never forget. Of course, yours truly went and saw it the night before the advertised release date of May 3rd in a special night premiere. Obviously, I will do my best to not spoil the movie, but here’s an inside scoop on how the movie relates to the comic series we love.

Who is the villain? We all know it’s the Mandarin, but let’s not forget A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). Yes, for you comic nerds, you are envisioning super genius villains in beekeeper outfits. Sadly, the classic attire was not replicated for the movie but then again, it probably wouldn’t have looked as cool. Despite that, the A.I.M. soldiers did their job remarkably in the movie and the fight sequences will leave you breathless. The movie also succeeds in replicating the comics’ original concept of an organization that uses advanced science to achieve terrorist goals.

One of the key features of this movie is the introduction of the Extremis virus. The movie diverges from the comics slightly from the roles of Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen, but I won’t say more for the time being. I was quite shocked with how accurate the movie kept the virus with regards with the comics. Yes, people will die (and the visual effects are breath-taking), but just like the comics, Tony Stark will reinvent the virus to play a more effective role in modern society instead of a tool for mass destruction.

The Iron Patriot took a bit of a drastic change from the main Marvel universe. Besides the obvious change from Norman Osborn to James Rhodes, the Iron Patriot filled a protagonist role as opposed to its comic antagonist role. Another difference is that the comic Iron Patriot was just another suit Tony had reserved that was stolen by Norman Osborn, while the movie version is just the War Machine suit repainted to help boost approval ratings for the suit.

The Mandarin also makes some big changes from paper to screen. I can’t say too much with ruining all the good surprises, but I can safely say that he will have a completely redefined role. Plus, he will definitely have you laughing in absolute shock.

But what’s an Iron Man movie without Tony Stark? Robert Downey Jr. yet again continues to blow us away with his phenomenal performance; it would be hard to say that one doesn’t believe he’s already Tony Stark and flies around in a suit on the weekends. Tony will have issues to face from the aforementioned Mandarin, A.I.M., the Extremis virus, but also a unique issue of random panic attacks; an odd change, but well done overall. But what’s a Marvel movie without signature one-liners? I can’t repeat it, but I promise you, you will never be able to un-hear the words only Robert Downey Jr. could say.

This movie was an exceptional start to the year 2013 for Marvel Studios and only raises the expectation for the films to come out this year (The Wolverine and Thor: The Dark World). If you wish to see a movie with great action sequences, beautiful graphics and special effects, a bit of cheesy romance (because you can’t have a playboy millionaire protagonist without romance), and one-liners that would almost put the comics to shame, Iron Man 3 will be the film to watch. While it may not exactly replicate the comics, the changes will be well-received and, I think, enhances the movie experience.

Image Credit: Marvel / Disney

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