Iron Man Case For iPhone 5
March 23, 2013

Iron Man Case For iPhone 5

If you are an iPhone 5 owner, then you probably want to protect the brainchild of Steve Jobs at all costs. You would protect your phone even if vampire dragons that fly on black thunder clouds invaded your house, demanding that you toss over your precious little phone. You’d be ready to go to war for your device and heaven help them if they even do so much as put a scratch on your baby.

So, in the off chance that the horde of iPhone-stealing, black-thunder-cloud-riding dragons ever invaded, I’m sure that you’d at the very least entrust your baby to a case.

I don’t blame you, everyone puts a case on their phones, but not everyone has the likes of Iron Man himself to safeguard your phone against the most evil forces in the world like finger nails or scratchy pockets.

Wait, what? Yes. That is correct. There is now a bulky Mark VII Iron Man armor with which you can now equip your iPhone 5 (okay, maybe it is just the chest piece, but it’s still pretty sweet; so screw all of you evil villains out there).

I suddenly feel the urge to call this armor instead of case, because this is some serious piece of tech. This armor-case mash-up is created by Brando, which is one of the most obscure case makers in the game at this point in time. The armor sports a fully lit LED reactor and flips out to reveal your phone’s graceful camera.

People may stop, stare and even laugh, but you can give them that good old Tony Stark devilish smirk and turn your nose to the sky (why not? You’re walking with Iron Man). Let them laugh because the next time the world needs saving you could just bring up the good old days on how the kids wouldn’t let you play in the sandbox because you had the Tony Stark phone… or you could just save the world with the use of sarcasm (villains hate when you use sarcasm, it means they can’t monologue).

The armor case will set you back around 50 big ones USD, but that’s small change considering all the power you will gain.

Just remember one thing; with great power comes great responsibility. Wait…wrong hero.

The Iron Man case should release sometime in late April, so here’s a friendly reminder to start saving our little duckets, because you know the super villains will scoop them all up  as soon as they hit the market (hey, they’re just trying to keep things even; that’s just way too many Iron Men out there).

Speaking of which, the new Iron Man movie should be hitting a local theater near you around that time period; so here’s your chance to prove who’s the biggest fan in the world.

If this armor-case has tickled your fancy then you can quickly glide over to the Brando website and pre-order.

Hopefully this will go on to sell well do the company can produce a Wolverine iPhone case, so the next time your girlfriend/boyfriend decides to look through your phone when you’re not looking it can teach them a little something.

Yep…that’ll teach ‘em.

Image Credit: Brando Workshop

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