January 2, 2013

Is Acer Reasonable Tablet Competition?

Apple has already taken the tablet market by the horns (assuming that the market is an economic bull) and forged their own future in the computer technology world as masters of this new fad. The only real disadvantage for Apple really is that they don’t have a patent exclusive to tablet technology the way that Intel has multi-core threading tech as a patent for their processor lineup.

If AMD had multi-core threading enabled processors, then they would be able to push forward with a product lineup that combats Intel, a feat that they do not hold so easily at this point in time.

Needless to say, Apple would hold quite a unique grasp on the technology world if they could secure that kind of unique and profitable scenario. Sadly for them for them and their profits, Google and Amazon have caught on to the craze and booted out their own versions of tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, which runs Google’s Android operating system.

What sets these tablets apart from each other in the eyes of the market is their price, which is the most crucial aspect in many minds at the moment. Apple loses that fight quickly because of their reputation with technology that releases with ‘premium’ price tags, despite their crisp and clean handling of digital media. In today’s market, in the hands of the middle class, price is a major factor.

What say we in light of Acer’s new attempt to steal a bit of the tablet market?

Rumored to be the Iconia B, this cheap 99 dollar 7-inch tablet is already confirmed to have HD resolution screen capabilities as well as a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor ticking under its shell. If you know how cheap 99 dollars is as well as the rarity of a 1.2 dual core processor in a tablet coming together then you know why Acer is clearly aiming to cut off some heads in the tablet market.

Let’s back it up, you might remember the name Acer from their infamous college dominant notebooks that they sell around the 150-250 dollar price range. Acer has made a comfortable living marketing notebooks and PC monitors, and considering the variety in color and power of these products, their name is just popular enough to warrant competition in the tablet market. After all, it’s the brand name of the manufacturer that reels in the consumers, right?

If Coca-Cola, for all intent and purposes, was a computer manufacturer, and engineered a 300 dollar tablet in the market with an Intel 2.0 Ghz dual core processor and 1600 by 900 screen resolution, the populace would go nuts. Apple would have to seriously rethink their strategy in dominating the social club of individuals and appeals to the ‘Cool’ factor.

It would have nothing to do with the power of the product, and a lot more to do with whom was making it. This is an invisible aspect of consumer economics.

But can Acer’s 99 dollar tablet really take a decent chunk of the tablet market so late to the party when Apple, Google and Amazon have already released their own? Ignoring price, the question pertains to whether or not the crowd hasn’t already been completely closed off from any competitors.

Time will tell next year when the Iconia B is released, and the consumers can go nuts with their wallets. Let me know what you think!

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