Is Apple Losing Its Cool?
February 22, 2013

Is Apple Losing Its Cool?

There’s been a lot of negativity thrown at Apple in the past. No matter what they do, they (and their fans) will almost certainly be ridiculed.

No Flash? Apple is arrogant and smug.

iPad? It’s just a big iPod Touch, and it’s named after a feminine hygiene product.

Those long lines of eager Apple fans? Proof that Apple people are mindless sheep who will buy “anything.”

These kinds of comments likely don’t hurt Apple and their fans as much as those saying these things would like. After all, only those who really know you, someone really close to you, like an ex-lover or family member, can really hurt you. They know which buttons to push and when.

So, when co-founder Steve Wozniak gives an interview and starts praising Android…or Microsoft…or jail breakers, it’s got to sting.

Thing is, Wozniak has become pretty vocal about Apple in recent months. Most recently Woz claimed that Apple lags behind in the smartphone industry because other companies (like Samsung) have better features.

Now, Wozniak is claiming that Apple is losing their “cool factor,” something which Apple has always had in spades.

“We used to have these ads, I’m a Mac and I’m a PC, and the Mac was always the cool guy,” said Woz in an interview with Bloomberg.

“And ouch, it’s painful, because we kind of are losing that.”

Wozniak certainly isn’t alone. Many have been claiming that Apple has “failed to innovate” and instead has become content with issuing incremental upgrades to their line of iOS devices year after year.

The definition of “incremental,” by the way, is completely subjective.

Speaking of Amazon and Google, Woz said they “all have great ideas, but sometimes you need a critical mass of loyal users that will instantly buy and go this direction.”

Though they might be losing their “cool,” Woz still believes their loyal following will continue to bring other people in to the Apple family.

One way in which Apple may be able to get their groove back is with the rumored “iWatch”, an imaginary product that has been making headlines in recent weeks. Woz said he’s been wearing an iPod Nano as a wristwatch for years, and if Apple does release something similar to what’s been recently discussed, he’ll be buying one; especially if it’s capable of running Siri.

“Apple can keep engineers working so intently toward the right product, you don’t have to rush something out ahead of time,” he said.

Wozniak has never spoken unfairly about Apple. Most of his claims (emphasis on the word “most”) are spot on. While Apple continues to make the best products, their competition has finally caught up with them. An incremental iPhone upgrade could leave them falling far behind in the smartphone race.

The right kind of smart watch with the right kind of features could also bring some excitement back into the Apple fold as well, but this kind of product really needs to hit the right chord.

No matter what they do, you can count on one thing: there will those who hate it, simply because it bears an Apple logo.

But that’s fine. Let them talk. It won’t hurt until we hear it from Woz.

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