Is C-3PO Returning In Episode VII?
October 23, 2013

Is C-3PO Returning In Episode VII?

Star Wars, like Lord of the Rings, crafted our favorite families out of the unlikeliest groups of individuals. C-3PO and R2-D2, for example, are two of our (or my) most beloved Star Wars characters. The tragedy of recurring film trilogies, though, is that our favorite characters don’t always reprise their roles. Luckily for us, Anthony Daniels (known as the voice for C-3PO in all six Star Wars films) may be reprising his role as the busted bucket of bolts in Star Wars Episode VII.

At a New York Comic Con panel over the weekend, hundreds of lucky nerds got their chance to observe and question Daniels about his standpoint on the development of Episode VII, to which Daniels made a casual slip in his wording. One panel member asked Daniels about his being the only Star Wars character to reprise his role in all seven films, being careful not to omit the seventh episode, to which Daniels replied, “Yes, I am the only actor to be in all seven because I feel-Six! Whatever.”

Shame on you Anthony Daniels! Don’t you know that gamers and nerds are masters of indirectly squeezing unwanted details out of you? The slip up is not an indication of the truth in his assertion, but Daniels’ quick reaction to his slip tells me that he either gave up on keeping the secret, or he really did make a mistake in what he was saying. Is this an indication of why the producers have kept their lips so tightly sealed on further details about Episode VII? Great publicity is a key component in producing, but speakers of each movie must remain vigilante and careful in how they reveal their information.

This wasn’t the case before Twitter, Facebook, and the Internet governed our methods of communication and news. Now that a Facebook status can be read in the blink of an eye, and processed ten times faster than that, movie news isn’t safe from the public eye. We see this principle of traveling news multiplied when diehard fans are given the above-mentioned tools.

New York Comic Con audience members are the most intuitive bunch to ever walk the Earth. Their curiosity peaks from endless hours of watching the same TV reruns over, and over, and over again until their eyes bleed. When the bleeding has ceased, they back track to the couch for another twelve hours of reruns.

Where the average person sees a movie as casual entertainment for two hours, the comic con fan sees it as his/her heart beat. All jokes aside, I’m very excited to see Anthony Daniels spreading happiness and good tidings in celebration of the revival of the Star Wars franchise.

Let me know what you think of Daniels’ weekend comic con panel in the comments section below, and may the Force be with you.

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